At Long Last, It Looks Like Y The Last Man Is Set To Become A TV Show

Y The Last Man

Recently, FX issued an order for Y The Last Man to go into production…again. Unlike the times before it, it seems as though the project has really begun to gather steam. Not only has FX issued the order, Diane Lane, Barry Keoghan, and Jodie Foster have been rumored to be attached to it. However, whether or not Foster is able to clear her schedule remains unclear. 

The casting of Lane and Keoghan makes already an already impressive ensemble, much more impressive. They will join Imogen Potts who will play his sister, Hero, Lashana Lynch as Agent 355, and Juliana Canfield in the role of his girlfriend, Beth. As far as the newest additions go, bank on Barry Keoghan as the main character, Yorick, and Diane Lane as Yorick’s mother and Senator, Jennifer Brown. 

Y The Last Man?

Y The Last Man follows the exploits of Yorick Brown and his Capuchin, Ampersand immediately after they become the only survivors of an unknown plague that wipes out every male in existence. The two travel the globe looking for answers to the extinction all the while looking for Yorick’s girlfriend, Beth. Shortly before the catastrophe, Beth had left for Australia and presumed Yorick dead. Along the way, Yorick encounters a group of Amazons, militia, and Russian operatives looking to kill him. During its time, the story an Eisner Award (2008) for Best Continuing Series.

Extremely well written, and coincidentally by one of my favorite writers, Y The Last Man won an Eisner Award (2008) for Best Continuing Series.

Hopefully this time it rings true

This isn’t the first time that an adaptation of the beloved story has made headlines. In 2007, New Line Cinema acquired its film rights and immediately looked to adapt it to the screen. However, nothing came of it. Then in 2012, New Line took another shot at bringing it to out of the comic book, and like the attempt before it, nothing came of it. 

Thankfully, in 2014, the rights reverted back to its creators Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra. That same year, FX made plans to fast-track the project with Michael Green of American Gods penning the script. The timing wasn’t mean to be as Green was already slated to oversee the adaptation of American Gods. Fast forward three years and Green is no longer attached to American Gods. This means, for all of us who have anxiously awaited a live-action version to come, it is closer than ever.



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