Yon-Rogg: Bio, Origin & History

Yon-Rogg Origin

Real Name: Yon-Rogg

First Appearance: Marvel Superheroes #12 (December, 1967)

Powers: As a member of the Kree, Yon-Rogg possesses superhuman strength, superhuman stamina, and superhuman agility. 

Affiliation: Kree

Did You Know? Yon-Rogg appears in the MCU and is portrayed by Jude Law.

A Little History

Created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan, Yon-Rogg first appeared inside the pages of Marvel Superheroes #12 back in December of 1967. Of all the enemies to Mar-Vell, Yon-Rogg is the true Yang to his Ying. That is, they are absolute opposites. His hatred for Mar-Vell is deep-rooted and stems from Mar-Vell’s relationship with the Medic, Una, (also his daughter) and his accomplishments as a Kree Warrior.

At the conclusion of the very successful mission that saw him investigate the disappearance of General Davos, he is assigned control of the Kree warship, Hellion. Along with the ship, he is given a crew to command. Most notably of the crew members are Mar-Vell and his daughter Una. Their first mission was to watch and study the human race. They were asked to do this because Kree Intelligence wanted to know exactly how much of a threat the humans posed.

To gather as much information as possible, Yon-Rogg dispatched Mar-Vell to Earth. What Mar-Vell didn’t know was that Yon-Rogg was jealous over the relationship that Mar-Vell and Una had. As such, he made deliberate attempts to sabotage Mar-Vell’s mission. Some of the attempts saw him paralyze Mar-Vell, fire weapons on him, and imprison Una. 

When all of these failed, he sent the Kree Robot, Sentry down to Earth to destroy Mar-Vell. Of course, Mar-Vell is able to defeat the robot and at its defeat, Zarek and Ronan The Accuser learn of the events. The two then reprimand him for compromising the original mission and warn him not to endanger any mission again. 

Yon-Rogg’s hatred, however, didn’t end there. 

Carol Danvers

After being once again stopped by Mar-Vell, this time with the help of Rick Jones, he captures Carol Danvers. As he and Mar-Vell fight, Yon-Rogg uses the Psyche Magnetron to create a Kree Mandroid. The Mandroid, designed to aid him, inadvertently damages the Psyche Magnetron and harms Carol Danvers in the process. At the conclusion of the battle, Yon-Rogg looks to be killed when the Psyche Magnetron explodes. As a result of the explosion, Carol is bombarded with radiation and transformed into Ms. Marvel. 

Of course, no one stays dead in comics and he eventually returned. 

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