Latest Rotten Tomatoes/’The Acolyte’ “Scandal” Proves There’s a Whole YouTube Industry Being Developed Around Hating the Show


In the last few weeks, it seems that Star Wars is under an incredible amount of scrutiny. Ever since ‘The Acolyte’ premiered we’ve noticed that the show is both review-bombed and review-boosted on several sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. Some of the criticism is valid, but most of it comes from “fans” who never even watched the show in the first place.

It’s no secret that ‘The Acolyte’ currently holds the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score in the history of the franchise. Currently standing at 14% when it comes to the audiences.

This score is calculated by using over 20,000 “reviews” made by the audiences, once again the highest in the franchise’s history. Recently, technical difficulty related to RT’s site caused the score to be temporarily hidden.

It’s unknown what caused the glitch in the first place but it happens often if you use the site regularly enough. Professional Acolyte haters quickly jumped on the opportunity to accuse the site of censoring the real score of the show, despite the audience score being visible like an hour later.

Grifters on X (former Twitter) and YouTube were quick to produce massive amounts of content related to the “scandal.”

Check out these YouTube screenshots and see how many views they managed to rack up by using the nonexistent scandal, these are the least inflammatory I was able to find:

So, why do I have a problem with this? Why would any self-respecting fan should have a problem with this?

It’s no secret that I have criticized ‘The Acolyte’ in the past, I’ve written about this quite extensively, and given my arguments for why the show is bad that have nothing to do with the alleged wokeness, and yet I consider this manufactured outrage extremely damaging to the legitimate criticism that the show should receive.

‘The Acolyte’ is not a particularly good show, but it has nothing to do with wokeness, however, Headland already claimed in one of the latest interviews that nobody takes “review-bombers” seriously. I’m afraid that the legit criticism (which is quite rare) will be absolutely ignored and simply painted over as yet another case of “review-bombing” without merit.

An entire YouTube industry has been created that monopolizes on outrage, and half the people are not even watching the show (or so they claim). There are videos popping up daily reacting to non-existent “woke” things related to The Acolyte and over-the-top thumbnails created in the thousands on Fiverr.

It’s going to backfire massively since, I repeat, legitimate criticism is being drowned out by these cheap videos that serve no purpose except to generate revenue for their creators, but the long-term damage to the community will remain.

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