Here’s 5 Reasons Why ‘The Acolyte’ Is a Bad Show, That Have Nothing To Do with Wokeness


We’re slowly reaching the end of the first season of ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte.’ With six episodes behind us, we had plenty of time to judge the show and most of its elements.

We know that the show has been met with a massive number of fans both review-bombing and review-boosting the show, and underneath that mostly confusing and hate-fueled discord, not that much attention was given to the overall quality of the show.

The show is, at least in my opinion far from being the best, but it’s also not the worst that the Star Wars franchise has seen. This is why I decided to summarize some subjective reasons why the show is bad, and they have nothing to do with the alleged wokeness of the show. So, let’s go.

1. Pacing is all over the place & episodes are too short

The show has never been exactly consistent in its pacing, we spent an entire episode 3 on a flashback that could have been shown in a few minutes. Then following episode 3, we’ve spent an entire episode walking around Khofar only for the entirety of notable moments in the episode to happen in the last 10 seconds of the show.

In episode 5, we’ve said our goodbyes to most of the main cast (???), and in episode 6 we’re back to nothing happening. The show doesn’t have a consistent tone when it comes to important things taking place, and the majority of episodes so far seemed like fillers, despite episodes being around 30 minutes long only.

2. Dialogues are at times atrocious

Well, this is especially subjective and you might not agree with this, but Acolyte’s dialogues stand out as being awkward most of the time and sometimes reaching incredible levels of cringing. Example: We have unfinished business, attack me with all your strength. No one talks like that.

3. I don’t care about the characters

It was shocking when Qimir killed almost everyone in the Jedi search party, but except for that initial shock, their death fell a bit flat and I felt nothing, and haven’t since missed them on the screen. Do you know why? Beacuse Yord and Jecki barely had any screen time despite Headland putting them up front to capture our emotions. I had trouble connecting with pretty much all the characters on screen except for perhaps Master Sol.

Osha and Mae are among the most boring MCs in the franchise, Qimir follows nonsensical logic, Jecki and Yord are barely seen, and Vernestra Rwoh is still to be seen in any notable role. There’s also the Wookie Jedi Kelnacca who was teased as this big thing only for the character to have few scenes on-screen and to be killed off-screen. The characters are truly not fleshed out enough and that’s partially connected with the fact that the show is too short with only 8 episodes most of them lasting around 30 minutes.

4. Action should be distributed better

This one is pretty much self-explanatory, the majority of episodes don’t have any action at all, with most of the fights apparently taking place in a single episode. Well, we’re still 2 episodes away from the show ending and hopefully, we’re going to see more lightsaber fights. It’s not that the action is bad, it’s great, and that’s why I want to see more of it!

5. We don’t need another Reylo!

Headland already explained that Qimir-Osha ship in the show is very real and it’s not something that fans misread. I get what she is trying to do with “hot Sith,” and that Osha will be “seduced” by the dark side, but I personally feel like it’s going too close to the thing that Kylo and Rey had, and quite frankly, we don’t need this storyline again. These parallels are even more clear if you take into account one of our theories related to the Power of Two. Qimir is looking for the Power of Two and at this point in the show, that just might be the Dyad.

There are plenty of things badly done with this show, these are just the 5 most glaring mistakes that the show currently has, hopefully, it improves with the final two episodes. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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