Ahsoka Did Know About Anakin & Padmé: Here’s How

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Fans of Star Wars know that Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala were in love and secretly married after the First Battle of Geonosis. However, the people in the galaxy don’t know about this because this was a secret that they kept due to their different positions in life. While that may be true, Anakin’s trusty Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, might have own about Anakin and Padmé’s relationship. So, how did Ahsoka know about Anakin and Padmé?

Ahsoka Tano had hunches about Anakin and Padmé but never cared to comment because she knew that Padmé made her master happy. Her suspicions were confirmed during the ‘Star Wars: Forces of Destiny’ mini-series when she saw how Anakin and Padmé embraced in the middle of a deadly situation.

Anakin and Padmé may have thought that they were slick, but the thing that was always clear was that they had feelings for one another, as this was one of the things that those close to them were quite aware of but simply never cared to comment on because there was a war going on. This included Ahsoka, who knew about her master’s romantic feelings for Padmé but just simply looked the other way. Now, let’s look at how Ahsoka knew about Anakin and Padmé.

It was kind of obvious

When Ahsoka Tano was tasked with working under Anakin Skywalker as his Padawan learner, she was late to the party regarding her master’s romantic feelings for Padmé.

That’s because Anakin was married to Padmé right after the events of the First Battle of Geonosis and right before he was introduced to his Padawan. And ever since the marriage, Anakin became more discreet about his feelings for Padmé even though he wasn’t quite subtle about it before they married.

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Throughout the entire Clone Wars, Anakin and Padmé decided to have a more professional relationship to hide the fact that they were married. After all, the Jedi were prohibited from having attachments in life. Meanwhile, it would be a huge scandal to her political career if Padmé’s relationship with a Jedi were to be revealed to the public.

Of course, while they tried their best to hide their relationship, Anakin and Padmé weren’t exactly subtle about it whenever they were around people they were close to. Ahsoka eventually became very close to Anakin to the point that they were like siblings. They bonded both as friends and as a master-and-apprentice duo. And that was why Ahsoka was well aware of the feelings that her master was keeping to himself the entire time.

In a way, Anakin often exposed himself whenever Padmé was in deep trouble. He would often react differently whenever there were dangerous situations involving Padmé.

That was why Ahsoka should have had her hunches about her master’s relationship with a senator of the Republic. Of course, because she wasn’t around before the start of the Clone Wars, she might not have realized that Anakin and Padmé were married, even though she may have had her suspicions regarding their feelings for one another.


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Of course, Ahsoka eventually found out that they were married. In the events of ‘The Book of Boba Fett,’ Ahsoka was seen visiting Luke Skywalker on the planet where he was building his new Jedi Temple. Ahsoka talked to Luke about Anakin, and that was when it became clear that she somehow understood what was going on between him and Padmé nearly 30 years ago.

When did Ahsoka know about Anakin and Padmé?

Even though the events of ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ didn’t have any clear indication that Ahsoka had her hunches regarding Anakin and Padmé, this was one of the minor details that were shown in the mini-series ‘Star Wars: Forces of Destiny,’ which is a series of animated shorts that are canon to the Star Wars storyline.

In season 2 of ‘Forces of Destiny,’ an episode called “Unexpected Company,” wherein Anakin and Padmé were supposed to go on a mission together, only for Ahsoka to join them suddenly. Anakin was visibly frustrated because he wanted some alone time with his secret wife. But the Separatists attacked them during that mission.

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Ahsoka’s presence was a gift because she was vital in helping Anakin and Padmé escape from the Separatists’ attack. During their escape, Ahsoka noticed that Anakin and Padmé were embracing one another as they were clearly relieved that they could survive a deadly situation.

Upon landing, Ahsoka told Padmé that she and Anakin had made “a good team.” Of course, she said this with a somewhat sad smile. This scene made it clear that Ahsoka must’ve confirmed right then and there that her master and the senator were romantically involved.

But the sad smile indicated that she had reservations about the fact that Anakin was in love with Padmé even though the Jedi Code strictly forbade the Jedi from having romantic attachments.

Of course, while this was merely a quick moment, we saw how Ahsoka could put two and two together to realize that Anakin and Padmé had a thing going on. She probably didn’t know that they were legally married, but she must have realized that something deeper was going on between them. And she just simply didn’t try to expose Anakin because she saw how happy he was with Padmé.

Who else knew about Anakin and Padme’s marriage?

Even though Anakin and Padmé tried their best to keep their marriage a secret, others were aware of it or, at the very least, had their hunches. The first two that would stand out are R2-D2 and C-3PO because they actually witnessed this union in a secret ceremony on Naboo. Of course, the person administering the wedding also knew about it. That would mean that three characters knew about this marriage.

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Of course, Obi-Wan Kenobi always knew that Anakin had strong feelings for Padmé because, before their reunion in ‘Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones,’ the only thing that Anakin ever talked about was Padmé. As such, Obi-Wan knew that Anakin was in love with Padmé. But that didn’t confirm that he knew about the marriage.

In ‘Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,’ it was confirmed that Obi-Wan always knew about Anakin’s romantic relationship with Padmé and might have also known that they were married.

That’s because he asked Padmé whether or not the baby/babies she was carrying were Anakin’s. As such, that was when it became clear that he always knew about their love for one another, even though he might not have known that they were married.


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Then there was Captain Rex, the most trusted clone Anakin worked with in the 501st Legion. In the seventh season of ‘Clone Wars,’ it was revealed that Anakin may have told Rex about him and Padmé because, in episode 2, we saw that it was Rex guarding the barracks against anyone who wanted to go inside while Anakin was secretly communicating with Padmé.

Obi-Wan tried to enter the barracks, only for Rex to devise lame excuses to keep him from entering it. After Anakin ended his conversation with Padmé, Obi-Wan told him that he should have said hello to Padmé for him, proving that Kenobi was wise enough to know that his former Padawan and the senator had a thing going on.

Then there was Chancellor Palpatine, whose eyes and ears know no limits. It was clear that Palpatine somewhat knew about Anakin and Padmé because he was specifically using Padmé’s future death as a way to convince Anakin to turn to the dark side. It is possible that Palpatine used the dark side of the Force to learn about this relationship, but it is also possible that he simply had his spies look into the matter involving Anakin and Padmé.

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