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Ysmael Delicana

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Ysmael “Eng” Delicana is a writer based in Davao City, Philippines. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics at Ateneo de Davao University. After spending a few years in law school while teaching college-level economics part-time, he decided to give writing a shot. As someone who grew up watching and reading about superheroes, sci-fi storylines, and fantasy characters, Ysmael has a greater appreciation for this side of culture compared to most people. He likes reading about the feats of great people, fictional or not. While he wasn’t the biggest fan of comic books while growing up, the rise of the MCU and the DCEU allowed Ysmael to have a greater appreciation for these characters. As such, he is now a big geek with much room left to grow in learning about the most popular comic book characters ever written. Ysmael is also a big fan of Star Wars, having read a lot of the canon and non-canon storylines of the franchise on top of watching all of the different Star Wars movies and shows. And as long as there is a topic that’s interesting to him, he will stop at nothing to learn more about the said topic and the comic book storylines involved. Ysmael’s writing style is quite conversational; he likes to write as if speaking to his reader. This allows him to write in a way that makes complex topics easier to understand. And this is one of the fundamentals he learned as a part-time college instructor, as there were complex topics he needed to simplify. Ysmael also writes for Fiction Horizon.


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