‘Ahsoka’: Meet Senator Hamato Xiono, Kaz’s Father


We know that the events of Star Wars are all interconnected, and the one thing we know is that the events of the sequel trilogy are related to the era of the New Republic. Of course, we know that the ‘Ahsoka’ series is looking to make the connections between the New Republic era and the sequel trilogy more apparent, especially with the characters that are involved. One such character is Senator Hamato Xiono. So, who is Hamato Xiono in ‘Ahsoka’?

Senator Hamato Xiono was a human senator that worked for the New Republic during the years that followed the fall of the Empire. He is also the father of Resistance operative, Kazuda “Kaz Xiono, one of the main characters of the animated ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ series.

It goes without saying that there would be connections involving the sequel trilogy storylines that would be shown in ‘Ahsoka,’ considering that we know that there were decades between the fall of the Empire and the events of the sequel trilogy. In that regard, some of the characters of the sequel trilogy storylines will be featured in ‘Ahsoka,’ including Senator Hamato Xiono. Now, let’s look at what happened to Hamato.

Hamato Xiono’s background

If there’s one thing that we know, it’s that the storyline of Star Wars has a lot of different side stories that expand the lore even further. During the original trilogy’s timeline, we had stories that were told in the comics and in ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ Of course, in the prequel trilogy, we have ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ as the bridge between ‘Attack of the Clones’ and ‘Revenge of the Sith.’

In that regard, even the sequel trilogy had a series that told a good side story connected to the movies’ events. What we are talking about is ‘Star Wars: Resistance,’ where we meet a young ace pilot named Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono, who ended up working as an operative for the Resistance while he was uncovering something related to the actions of the First Order.

And Kazuda’s storyline can be traced back decades ago to when the First Order was just about to rise.


That said, the connections involving the sequel trilogy, ‘Resistance,’ and the fall of the Empire have been explored in the shows that tell the stories that happened in the years that followed the rise of the New Republic and before the events of the sequels. ‘Ahsoka’ is one of the shows that will use how the timeline of the New Republic is connected to the timeline of ‘Resistance’ and the sequel trilogy. And that’s because, among other things, one character that will be shown in ‘Ahsoka’ is Senator Hamato Xiono.


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Yes, Senator Hamato Xiono is the father of Kaz Xiono. But Kaz is yet to be born during the ‘Ahsoka’ events, which will likely be set on 9 ABY. Meanwhile, Kaz was born on 14 ABY. Nevertheless, more of Hamato’s story will be told in ‘Ahsoka’ after we learned more about him in ‘Resistance,’ wherein he was a side character that added to his son’s story.

Hamato was already a senator in the New Republic during the timeline of ‘Ahsoka,’ as he appeared alongside Mon Mothma and the other New Republic senators that Hera Syndulla were asking for help in relation to the rise of the Imperial remnants that were still all over the galaxy.

republic senate

We don’t know a lot about Hamato’s story in ‘Ahsoka,’ but we do know that he was the one who facilitated his son’s entry into the New Republic fleet, where he was able to serve as an ace pilot. However, Kaz’s piloting skills were noticed by Resistance ace pilot Poe Dameron, who recruited him into the Resistance without the knowledge of Senator Xiono. As such, throughout most of the events of ‘Resistance,’ Kaz operated secretly as a spy working for the Resistance.

What happened to Hamato Xiono?

During the events of ‘Resistance,’ Hamato expected his son to follow in his footsteps as a politician instead of as a pilot. Nevertheless, Kaz was more interested in flying fighters and ships instead of meddling with the world of politics. As such, Kaz worked for the Resistance during the final days of the New Republic in the timeline of the sequel trilogy.

In fact, the story of ‘Resistance’ coincides with the story of the sequel trilogy because Kaz was one of the characters working to try to uncover the plot of the First Order in its impending attack on the New Republic.

kaz and hamato

Kaz’s mission involved finding the evidence to prove that the First Order was occupying the Colossus, as he gave the evidence to his father so that Hamato could present this in the New Republic Senate. However, before Hamato could even warn the New Republic about the actions of the First Order, Starkiller Base suddenly changed things.

The First Order emerged from the galaxy’s Unknown Regions and proclaimed the New Republic’s end. That was when General Hux used the Starkiller Base’s super laser to destroy the Hosnian system, where the New Republic was based. The Starkiller Base’s laser destroyed multiple planets in the Hosnian system as the New Republic was wiped out. 


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Kaz, of course, was horrified by this because he thought that the laser killed his father. However, he learned that Senator Xiono had survived the destruction of the Hosnian system because the entire Xiono family was off-world during that time. It took days for Hamato to contact Kaz so that he could tell him that they were fine and alive.

After that, Kaz urged Hamato to meet the Resistance, only for the senator to refuse the offer because the First Order had already identified the younger Xiono as a spy working for the Resistance. In that regard, bounty hunters were set to hunt Kaz down due to his job as a spy. Nevertheless, Kaz continued to work with the Resistance.

So, while the New Republic and most of the senators were killed by Starkiller Base, Hamato Xiono survived. In that regard, we may see him more in the future of Star Wars, especially when it comes to the efforts to try to fix the galaxy following the destruction of the First Order. And we might be able to learn more about his past in the upcoming ‘Ahsoka’ series.

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