Who Is the Stormtrooper in Gold Armor in ‘Ahsoka’? Meet Captain Enoch, Thrawn’s Right-Hand Man


The recent episodes of ‘Ahsoka’ have allowed us to see a lot of different developments on Peridea, particularly on Grand Admiral Thrawn’s side. We know that he has a large army on his flagship, the Chimaera and that he is looking to return to the galaxy to unite all of the Imperial remnants under his banner and to re-establish the power of the Empire. The man leading his army of Night Troopers has a gold faceplate on his trooper helmet and is named Enoch. So, who is Captain Enoch?

Played by Wes Chatham, Captain Enoch is the head of all of the Night Troopers under Thrawn’s command. He is likely a survivor of the exile that happened ten years ago, and that means that he has been loyal to Thrawn for over a decade. Enoch’s name has biblical references that could be hiding a deeper meaning.

One of the things that we know about Dave Filoni and the ‘Ahsoka’ series is that he has actually used a lot of different references for the characters in this series. Enoch is only one of those many different characters inspired by religion, culture, and myths. And while we don’t know a lot about Enoch as of this writing, let’s look at the things that we do know about him.

Thrawn trusts Enoch the most

Back in episode 6 of ‘Ahsoka,’ we saw the much-awaited return of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Of course, we know that the party of Morgan Elsbeth, Baylan Skoll, and Shin Hati went to the surface of Peridea to meet up with the Great Mothers, who were allied with the Grand Admiral. These witches told Elsbeth that Thrawn was going to be arriving shortly.


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It didn’t take a long time for Thrawn to arrive as the Chimaera, his flagship Star Destroyer, appeared in all of its glory and docked with the henge where Elsbeth’s party and the Great Mothers were on. As the docking process was happening, chanting could be heard from the background. These were troopers chanting Thrawn’s name, as it was clear that the Grand Admiral was still able to maintain a large army after spending a decade in exile.

Thrawn appeared shortly as he marched toward Elsbeth’s group together with the leader of these troopers, which were called the Night Troopers. All of the Night Troopers had unique designs in the sense that the cracks on their armor were outlined with gold in a manner similar to the Japanese tradition of Kintsugi. But the leader of the Night Troopers had a more unique appearance in the sense that the faceplate on his armor was a golden mask.

Shortly after re-acquainting himself with Elsbeth, Thrawn introduced the leader of his Night Troopers. He was called Captain Enoch. This man was in charge of overseeing Thrawn’s personal army on Peridea. And it is likely that Enoch has been with Thrawn for more than a decade, stretching as far back as the time of the Empire and probably years before they were exiled to a distant galaxy.

It was also clear that there was mutual trust between Thrawn and Enoch because Thrawn relied on the captain of his Night Trooper guard to carry out all of his orders. Meanwhile, there was never an instance wherein Enoch actually questioned Thrawn’s orders and methods despite the fact that he often changed his tactics in episode 7. So, while Morgan Elsbeth, who was loyal to Thrawn, was wondering why the Grand Admiral was switching from one tactic to another, Enoch never questioned his order, implying that he knows and trusts Thrawn’s methods completely.

There is a good chance that Enoch’s fate in Thrawn was strengthened during the ten years that they spent on Peridea, as this world has always been portrayed as a harsh and desolate wasteland with little to nothing to offer to anyone living there. And when you get the biblical reference behind Enoch’s name, it would make sense for him to be the captain of Thrawn’s Night Troopers.

Enoch is a biblical reference

Those who are familiar with their religious studies would also be familiar with Captain Enoch’s name. That’s because Enoch is a character straight out of the Old Testament in the bible. In the bible, Enoch was one of Adam’s descendants and was one of the ancestors of Noah. He was portrayed as a man who was deeply devoted to the Christian god and had a fate that was unshakable by anything in the world.


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God was so touched by Enoch’s devotion that he eventually took him to heaven after the man lived for 365 years. Unlike all of the other servants of God who were loyal to him, Enoch was taken both body and soul before he even died. As such, he was able to go to heaven with his earthly body and without experiencing a mortal death. And it is said that he has a special place among all of the different servants of God in heaven.

This makes sense when it comes to Captain Enoch and his relationship with Grand Admiral Thrawn. It is likely that he was the most devoted to Thrawn during their exile, and this allowed the Grand Admiral to trust him the most. Enoch’s loyalty to Thrawn earned him a seat as his most trusted servant.

But there could be something deeper here, especially if we look at the theory about the Night Troopers being undead Stormtroopers. It isn’t a novel theory that Thrawn’s army was created using Nightsister Magick and that most of his men are reanimated corpses that are not unlike Marrok. This makes sense if you think about how Thrawn was looking to find a way to conserve his limited resources while he was in exile.

So, if that’s the case, there’s a good chance that Enoch could be the only one “alive” out of all of the Night Troopers. Going by the fact that the biblical Enoch was the only person to ever go to heaven without dying, it is possible that Captain Enoch also shares the same distinction as the only Night Trooper who isn’t dead. Of course, we have no confirmation whether or not the Night Troopers are actually undead, but there’s still a good chance that this theory could be correct.

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