Ant-Man vs. MCU’s Avengers: Who Can Scott Beat?

Ant Man vs. MCUs Avengers Who Can Scott Beat

Phase 5 of the MCU is ready to kick off with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The upcoming movie will give us yet another insight into the amazing abilities that Ant-Man has at his disposal. We’ve already seen some amazing feats in the previous movies, but how would Ant-Man fare against MCU’s Avengers? Does he have what it takes to bring down gods, spell-casters, and superhumans?

Ant-Man vs. Iron Man

ant man vs iron man

While both superheroes rely on technology and both claim that theirs is superior, this is likely a win for Iron Man. He has the speed, weapon, and flight advantage and can easily dodge Ant-Man’s super strength if needed. Iron Man likewise always has some amount of Titanium in his suits, and if you can recall, this is the metal that Ant-Man especially struggles against.

It would be a close fight, especially if we take into account the possibility of Scott Lang using the discs, but in most realistic scenarios, he doesn’t stand a chance against Iron Man and his tech that can quickly locate him and neutralize him even without touching the ground.

Ant-Man vs. Black Panther

Ant man riding ant. jpg

Ant-Man was seen taking down enemies far stronger than Black Panther is. In terms of strength, Ant-Man definitely takes this one. Black Panther likewise simply does not have a way to detect shrunk Ant-Man, which could easily result in him getting into Black Panther’s suit. On the other hand, Black Panther is a more skilled martial artist, but it would hardly be a fair fight considering that he can’t even keep track of him in some way. Ant-Man takes this one. The same goes for Shuri’s Black Panther.


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Ant-Man vs. Captain America

Ant Man vs captain america

Captain America does have Super-Soldier Serum. He does have super strength, enhanced durability, and reflexes at his disposal, but there’s no way for him to track down Ant-Man’s movements. The only way Falcon managed to track down Ant-Man’s movements was because he had special glasses at his disposal.

If we take into account that Captain America doesn’t have access to those, it’s an easy win for Scott Lang. He can be faster, more robust, nearly invisible, and can deal incredible amounts of damage before Cap even gets a chance to react.

Ant-Man vs. Hulk

Ant man one shots leviathan

The comic version of Hulk has some insane powers to unleash on his enemies. In the MCU, the biggest Hulk’s selling point is his strength. It is not something that he lacks, but as we’ve seen, Ant-Man has feats in the MCU that easily rival the strength of Hulk. Like one-shotting Leviathan. Giant-Man is incredibly OP in terms of raw strength, and he can potentially rival the strength of Hulk and Thor, but he still does not have superhumanly massive reserves of stamina at his disposal as Hulk does.

He is also far less mobile and far less skilled in dirty fights when compared to the Hulk. This one would go to the Hulk, but it would be a close fight.

Ant-Man vs. Thor

Thor massive aoe attac

When it comes to the fight between Ant-Man and Thor, Thor is the clear winner. A lot of times, an argument is used that Ant-Man can simply shrink down and destroy Thor from the inside. Here’s why this wouldn’t work. Thor is not a human. He does not have human physiology. Even in the MCU, he managed to tank some incomprehensible amounts of damage.

Ant-Man would end up crushed inside Thor, his suit malfunctioning. Even if Scott simply stayed on the ground in his miniature form, he would not be safe from Thor’s AoE lightning attacks. No matter how powerful Ant-Man might seem at first, he has nothing against the Asgardian god.

Ant-Man vs. Black Widow

Ant man vs black widow

Black Widow managed to take down Ant-Man in the MCU before. Even though she seemingly doesn’t possess senses enhanced to the level of some other MCU heroes, she still manages to sense and track down his location. But we have never seen Black Widow going against Giant-Man. In that case, it’s a clear win for Ant-Man.


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Ant-Man vs. Hawkeye

Hawkeye trick arrows

Hawkeye has incredible sight and incredible accuracy. It’s his selling point, being the best archer in the world, and he can, at times, be seen taking down incredible targets. He would probably be able to detect Ant-Man’s movements and pinpoint him with his eagle-eye accuracy. He might not be able to necessarily hit him while on the ground and moving, but don’t forget that Hawkeye has incredibly powerful AoE arrows at his disposal, and that sort of damage is not something that Ant-Man can easily escape. This would probably go in favor of Hawkeye, but only due to his specific skills.

Ant-Man vs. Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange magic

If we take a look at both characters’ powers and abilities, this is a clear win for Dr. Strange. Yes, Ant-Man has physics on his side and raw strength on his side, but Dr. Strange is sorcerer supreme, among the most gifted magic users in the MCU. He is capable of going against Thanos and living to tell the tale. He is capable of harnessing the powers of Infinity Stones. Dr. Strange might be more than Ant-Man can handle, honestly.

Ant-Man vs. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet witch aoe powers

One more incredibly powerful spell-caster in the MCU rooster, and like is the case with Dr. Strange, Ant-Man would lose against her as well. Scarlet Witch is easily among the best that Avengers has to offer. She is a powerhouse with some insane powers at her disposal. Granted, she is not as physically strong as Scott Lang or as agile. She might not even notice him at first, but her magic, or to be better put, her AoE potential is just insane, and I’ve mentioned before, no matter how small Ant-Man is, he cannot dodge blasts that affect the whole area.

Ant-Man vs. Spider-Man

ant man vs. spider man

We’ve already witnessed Spider-Man taking down Ant-Man during the Civil War storyline. Spider-Man had the upper hand compared to Giant-Man due to his superior agility. But what if Ant-Man is in his miniature form? Spider-Man, fortunately, has the answer to this well. His Spidey Sense (when it works correctly) would have no problem detecting Ant-Man. Ant-Man might sneak in a surprise punch or two, but it’s only a matter of time before Spider-Man is able to regain his composure and obliterate Ant-Man.

Ant-Man vs. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel cosmic energy

Captain Marvel has enhanced physiology, enhanced senses, speed, and strength. She managed to tank some powerful blasts and deal with some powerful blasts of her own due to the cosmic energies that she so skillfully utilizes. And those blasts would be key to her domination over Ant-Man.

Even if her photon blasts don’t necessarily mean that she could destroy him, they are powerful enough to send him flying every time he attempts to come near her. Captain Marvel is simply on another level in terms of her power. Even in his Giant-Man form, he simply has no way of destroying Captain Marvel due to her insane strength and durability.

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