10 Strongest Metals in Marvel Universe, Ranked

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Marvel Universe is not only filled with extraordinary superheroes and villains but also with powers, energy sources, and metals. There are many metals appearing in comics, movies, and TV shows, with extremely powerful properties. In this article, we bring you the ranked list of the ten strongest metals in the Marvel Universe.

10. Carbonadium


The first one on this list is Carbonadium. It is a metal invented by the Soviets during the Cold War. The main goal was to recreate adamantium, but instead, carbonation was invented. This metal shows properties similar to adamantium, but it is less strong and less durable. It is easier and cheaper to make than adamantium. The main flaw that this metal has is the fact that it is radioactive. So, in order to neutralize the effect of the radioactivity, the Carbonadium Synthesizer is used. This metal can be found in Deadpool’s katanas and Doctor Octopus’s arms.

9. Galactic Glaze

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Galactic Glaze is a metallic substance that covers the Silver Surfer’s body, and his board is made out of it. Galactic Glaze is given to the Silver Surfer by the Galactus, hence the name Galactic Glaze. This silvery substance is of unknown material, but it is worth mentioning that the substance protected Silver Surfer’s body from various hard conditions the Universe can possibly offer. Silver Surfer also possesses the Power Cosmic, which is imbued with the Galactic Glaze, granting him superhuman strength and endurance.

8. Cavorite


Cavorite is a man-made metal, and it was an object of many experiments that Carol Danvers did when she worked for NASA. This metal is powerful and shows great potential as it can be used for various purposes when exposed to the right energy source. Mysterium is used in powering spaceships and creating anti-gravity systems. It is also used for creating powerful weapons like Cru’s caorite crystal gun.


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7. Nanominium


Owned by the British intelligence agency MI13, nanominium is a very powerful metal that has the ability to negate magic. This means that when nanominium is applied to items like weapons and shields, those items become one of the main objects used in battling the opponents that use magic. Regarding its durability, nanominium is estimated to be almost as durable as vibranium, but not so much. Nanominum was used to create Captain Midland’s shield, which he used to fight mystical opponents.

6. Vibranium


Vibranium is one of the most popular metallic ores in the Marvel Universe. Vibrainum appeared on Earth 1,000,000 years ago when a vibranium meteorite struck Earth and landed in Wakanda. Wakandans used this metal, creating numerous technological advancements. Vibranium has the ability to absorb, store and discharge kinetic energy emitting great power in the process. The Black Panther’s suit is made out of vibranium, and Captain America’s shield is also made of it in many comic versions.


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It is worth mentioning that vibranium is radioactive in nature, and its radioactivity has affected Wakanda’s flora and fauna, including the Heart-Shaped Herb that Black Panthers consume in order to gain Black Panther powers. That is the reason why the members of the Panther tribe can sense when someone uses vibranium or takes it out of the country without permission.

5. Adamantine


Adamantine is an Olympic metal, and it can be found in Hercules’ Golden Mace. It is often referred to as the Metal of the Gods. Adamantine’s properties show high endurance, and the metal is considered to be almost indestructible. It is golden and can deflect powerful energy blasts and disable magical and psychic attacks. The durability of the Adamantine is best shown when Thor used Mjolnir and struck Hercules’ Golden mace with a powerful blast, but the Mace endured.

4. Mysterium

Mysterium 29 from S.W.O.R.D. Vol 2 1 001

Mysterium is considered to be as durable as adamantium and also has strong magnetic and anti-magical properties. This metal is also a great electricity conduit, and it does not overheat. There is only one place where this metal can be found, and it is in the White Hot Room, the home of the Phoenix. S.W.O.R.D. obtains mysterium by using six mutants that have the ability to teleport and can enter the White Hot Room because of it.

3. Uru


Uru is a cosmic metal dating all the way back to the beginning of the universe. Its origins are from Nidavelir, the land of the Dwarves, that are known to possess extraordinary forging skills. Uru’s properties show high endurance and the ability to store magical powers. Even though the metal is very durable as it is, it becomes even more durable while enchanted. When Uru is forged into a weapon or some other object, it shows symbiotic characteristics toward its owner, meaning that not only does the weapon makes the wielder stronger, but the owner can make the weapon stronger as well. Some of the weapons forged from Uru are Mjolnir and Stormbreaker.

2. Adamantium


Adamantium is a steel alloy and is virtually indestructible. It is considered to be denser than vibranium and shows greater effectiveness than vibranium when used for drilling. However, the creation of adamantium is an expensive process, and not many people do possess the knowledge of how to create it.


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Adamantium was inserted into Wolverine’s body, making his skeleton and his claws virtually indestructible. There are several versions of this metal, such as Proto-Adamantium, True Adamantium, and Adamantium Steel. Proto-Adamantium is the strongest one by far and is considered to be among the most indestructible items in the Universe. Proto-Adamantium was also used in creating Captain America’s shield, and there are only five instances when the shield was damaged or destroyed.

1. Dargonite

thanos blade

I have decided to put Dargonite as the strongest metal on this list. Even though there is not much known about it, Dragonite is an immensely tough metal, as it can pierce through adamantium. Dragonite is often described as the metal from the future, and it got its name after Dargo Ktor, the Thor from the 26th Century. In the comics, Major Vance Astro wore an Adamantium suit, and it was pierced by a sniper shot made out of Dragonite. There have also been speculations that Thano’s blades were made out of this metal in the MCU, but no such thing has been confirmed.

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