Anti-Monitor vs. Darkseid: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Anti Monitor vs. Darkseid Who Would Win in a Fight

Ant-Monitor and Darkseid as among the most iconic and powerful villains in the DC Comic Universe. Both have plagued DC’s superheroes for decades and have been known to cause damage on cosmic scales. But what would happen if an embodiment of destruction met the tyrannical rules of Apokolips in a direct one-on-one fight? This is what we’ve decided to find out today; let’s see, when it comes to a fight between Anti-Monitor and Darkseid, who wins? 

Anti-Monitor would win in a fight against Darkseid due to being vastly more powerful than him. Anti-Monitor’s unique nature gives him the powers and abilities to unmake the whole universe. He likewise vastly outclasses Darkseid regarding strength, stamina, durability, and even speed. Anti-Monitor is a force of the universe, and Darkseid has nothing up his sleeve to counter him. Anti-Monitor had the upper hand when the two faced in the comics and properly blasted Darkseid into nothingness. 

Now that we’ve covered that Anti-Monitor could defeat Darkseid in a fight, it’s time to see how and why. If you’re interested in more, stay with us as we analyze both characters’ powers, abilities, strength, speed, and more. 

Powers and abilities

With the current New God Physiology, Darkseid’s current form trumps all of the forms that came before it. He has some of the most destructive and potent abilities ever seen at this disposal. His Omega Effect that follows him as a dangerous aura allows him to fire beams from his eyes capable of cutting through almost anything. He can completely disintegrate matter on a molecular level by utilizing omega beams.

Darkseid hurts Superman with Omega Beams

Darkseid can manipulate darkness, utilizing this form of energy to go as far as killing Quintessence – a group of the highest order of beings within the multiverse. He can utilize the so-called “Erosion Blasts” that allow him to cause a wide-scale area of effect destruction that spreads in waves around him. He can manipulate both gravity and time to some extent and can absorb certain forms of power from others. If needed, Darkseid can manipulate his size and summon the deadly entity called Black Racer. 

Anti-Monitor is the polar opposite of his brother, Monitor. He has complete mastery over the “Anti-matter Universe” and, as such, rules the place as a god. Anti-Monitor is capable of destruction unseen in the comics, and even the Specter, an embodiment of God’s Wrath, never managed to defeat him. But what exactly can Anti-Monitor do? Due to having a deep connection to anti-matter, Anti-Monitor can use his mastery of it to unmake objects, beings, and matter in general at its molecular level.

Anti Monito defeats superman

We’re not talking about destruction; we’re talking about unmaking. Anti-Monitor consumes a positive-matter universe, so his form of sustenance turns out to be power deadly to a whole universe in general. He can alter reality to some extent, not only in his anti-matter universe. He can utilize size alteration and has been known to shift between energy and corporeal forms. 

With everything said, it’s obvious that Anti-Monitor has enough juice to completely blow Darkseid out of the water. Anti-Monitor has powers to affect the infinite universe and regularly consumes those to increase his powers. This point goes to him. 

Points: Darkseid (0:1) Anti-Monitor


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Strength and Stamina 

Darkseid is in class 100 when it comes to his lifting and striking powers. This means that he can lift 100 tons. He can likewise lift well above that if he is enhanced through magical or other means. Like with strength, Darkseid, due to his New God physiology, can exert himself at full strength for long periods of time without suffering the ill effects of fatigue. Darkseid once fought with Highfather Izaya for a week. 

Darkseid vs Izaya

There may be no limit to Anti-Monitor’s strength, as he was frequently seen fighting off Kryptonians like Supergirl like they were nothing. Due to Anti-Monitor being a ruler of his own universe, so it would be impossible to determine how much exactly he can lift. The limits are unknown, and his strength is classified as vastly superhuman. Regarding stamina, we’re pretty confident that Anti-Monitor can outlast Darkseid in a fight. He once fought with his brother Monitor for one million years. This means that his reserves of stamina are godlike in essence. 

Points: Darkseid (0:2) Anti-Monitor


Darkseid may possess a speed that could be faster than the speed of light, as he has been observed covering immense cosmic distances in a very short amount of time. Additionally, his combat speed is incredibly formidable, making him difficult to keep up with even the fastest opponents such as Superman and Wonder Woman. Furthermore, Darkseid can teleport and has the ability to fly.

Darkseid flying to the edge of the universe in moments

Anti-Monitor is likewise incredibly fast and has flying, teleportation, and even dimensional travel at his disposal. His combat speeds and traveling speeds are unmatched, even in terms of cosmic entities. Still, Since Darkseid is capable of achieving speeds faster than light as well, this point can be split between both of them. 

Anti Monitor time traveling

Points: Darkseid (1:3) Anti-Monitor


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Darkseid is well-known to be immortal. He managed to survive the destruction of whole planets unharmed. He is immune to most forms of energy attacks and is able to regenerate from even the most severe wounds. If Darkseid dies, he simply finds a way to return, as his essence is too powerful to be contained by death. Still, it’s possible to kill him, as we’ve witnessed before.

Darkseid takes a blast from heat vision

Anti-Monitor is, in large part, invulnerable to damage. It takes a combined effort of hundreds and hundreds of extremely strong beings to hurt him, and even that scenario is questionable. He is immortal, having lived for millions of eons. He sustains himself by devouring universes, and we have to assume that he will live forever. 

In terms of durability, Anti-Monitor seems much more durable than Darkseid. 

Points: Darkseid (1:4) Anti-Monitor


Darkseid is extremely intelligent and has unimaginable resources at his disposal. He was likewise shown in some instances to have cosmic awareness. His careful planning and strategizing allowed him to defeat some of the most powerful beings in the DC universe. 

Anti-Monitor is super-genius of the highest caliber. He, too, has access to powerful technology and gadgets and is both omnipresent and has cosmic awareness (at least when it comes to the anti-matter universe). 


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In terms of intellect, I have to call it a draw between Darkseid and Anti-Monitor since they proved themselves more than smart over the decades. 

Points: Darkseid (2:5) Anti-Monitor

Combat Skills 

Darkseid rarely has to utilize combat skills to achieve his goals, but when he does utilize them, he proves how much of a deadly and capable fighter he is. Historically, Darkseid used his combat skills to take down entire planets and some of the most powerful beings in the entire universe. 

Darkseid floors superman

Anti-Monitor likewise doesn’t have to rely on his combat skills due to a plethora of other powers and abilities at his disposal. He proved himself in the past to be a better combatant than Darkseid; however, he has millions of years of more experience in terms of warfare and leadership, as well as honing his skills in various fighting techniques and using some of the deadliest weapons in the DC universe

Points: Darkseid (2:6) Anti-Monitor

Anti-Monitor vs. Darkseid: Who is more powerful, and who wins? 

Anti-Monitor is, without and doubt, more powerful than Darkseid and would be able to beat him in a fight. Anti-Monitor has powers to unmake Darkseid on a molecular level, and he has been shown to defeat him in the comics before. Anti-Monitor has vastly more strength, is more durable, and would be able to outlast Darkseid in a battle. He likewise has more experience and better combat skills. 

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