Antony Starr Responds to Claim that Superman Would Beat Homelander: “Oh Really?”


As one of the most powerful and most popular superheroes of all time, Superman is often the golden standard when it comes to measuring strength, durability, and other superpower-related factors. Plenty of characters have been measured against Superman and plenty lost, the things however get murky when the character being compared to Superman, is his clone, at least when powers are concerned.

One such Superman clone is Homelander, who belongs to ‘The Boys’ universe, with darker, twisted, and more sadistic personality traits.

Plenty of ‘Superman Vs. Homelander’ theoretical fights exist and it most often ends with Superman on the winning side. Recently, Jack Quaid, ‘My Adventures With Superman’ voice actor who portrays Superman in the show commented how Superman would have no trouble defeating Homelander while promoting the second season of the show.

Antony Starr heard about it and had a perfectly hilarious response that is also quite true and completely in character for Homelander.

Antony Starr: Oh, really? Is that what he thinks? Here’s why Homelander would kick Superman’s ass. There’s no Kryptonite factor, and Homie would fight so dirty. He’s the [type to go], “Oh, you got me!” as he goes down and then comes up and throws sand in your eyes. He’s a dirty dude, man. Whereas Superman is always like, “Oh, I wouldn’t do that. Oh, there’s innocent children that might get hurt.” Homie’s going to human shield himself with the kids.

It’s extremely likely that Homelander would be able to win this fight by using kids as human shields or throwing Kryptonite sand in Superman’s eyes, but Starr should also keep in mind that Homelander is rash and prone to stupid things when pissed, whereas Superman pretty much always remains rational and cool-headed.

In any case, we’re glad to get Homelander’s input on this matter and we really look forward to all the potential arguments online this will cause. Oh and btw. Superman would win.

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