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Tony W. Garland

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Tony W. Garland is a writer based in the United Kingdom. He has degrees in literature from Leicester University, the University of Central Florida and the University of Northampton because he believes in being thorough. His criticism has appeared in a number of academic publications and cover a variety of subjects including the role of fan as foe in Batman stories. Tony writes fiction that has appeared in Shotgun Honey, Mystery Tribune, Impractical Things, Dwelling Literary, Punk Noir Magazine, Dash Literary Journal, The Daily Drunk Magazine, Dark Dossier, Schlock! and a variety of anthologies. Recently, Tony has been devoting time to the study of comic books (maybe too much time) and has a spread of interests that welcomes different stories from famous characters to new takes on comic book stories. He enjoys discussing what makes the stories significant and how they can elevate and enrich our lives. And occasionally he liked to provide informed decisions on stories that are worth reading.


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