Finally, Orville Redenbacher Has Given Us Avengers End Game Costumes

Avengers End Game Costumes First Look
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Sometimes it’s best to stick with what works. And sometimes it’s not. In the case of the Avengers, sometimes it’s best to combine the two.

A recently released photo of forthcoming Avengers End Game movie finally gives clarity to what exactly the team will look like. That’s right. The Avengers End Game costumes are now on full display! While a couple of the characters have stuck to their traditional look, Black Widow and Thor, others, Hawkeye and Hulk, are a dramatic departure. 

Avengers End Game costumes

With Hawkeye this makes sense. It’s widely accepted that he will take on him Ronin persona and Ronin looks nothing like Hawkeye. Even his arrows are a departure from the norm. Rather than incorporating hints of purple used by the comic book character he plays, the costume gives the character a sleek all black, arrows included, look. 

Avengers End Game Costumes First Look

Even with Hawkeye’s transformation into Ronin, the most startling change is that of the Hulk. As opposed to the David Hasselhoff-esque bare chest that we are accustomed to, this version of the Hulk wears a full body suit. This is certainly a strange sight. Most versions of the character, comics included, have incorporated his iconic purple pants and bare chest. Neither are visible here. 

Most interesting about the character is his face. While many could chalk up his look to the advancement of technology, I can’t help but wonder if the change of his face is due to his relationship with Bruce Banner. Think about it. Does the more human face have anything to do with Bruce Banner and his potential control over the Hulk? Remember, last we saw, Bruce and the Hulk were fighting and he could not bring the green giant out when he needed him most.

As far as Captain America and Iron Man go, both characters sport traditional looking costumes with mild modifications.

Many have tried to figure out exactly how the characters would appear. After all, high praise, social acceptance, and glorious credit go to the person who digs up any potential spoilers for a movie as big as End Game. Even toy companies get on the spoiler train with early releases and leaks. It’s nice to see that Marvel is being proactive and beating the spoilers and leaks to the world. 

The question, however, remains. Aside from a pile of dust, what will the “snapped” away characters look like?

End Game hits theatres April 26, 2019 and will surely smash every box office record known to exist. 



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