Sam Raimi Forced To Adress ‘Secret Wars’ Rumors (Yes, Again)

raimi on directing secret wars

Sam Raimi achieved major success with the ‘Spider-Man’ film trilogy. The franchise grossed over $800 million worldwide with each installment. However, plans for further sequels fell through due to script issues. Raimi was however disappointed with ‘Spider-Man 3 and aimed to redeem himself with ‘Spider-Man 4,’ which unfortunately never materialized. In 2022, he talked about wishing that he ended the franchise on a high note instead of leaving it with the least successful installment in the series.

This wasn’t the end of Raimi and Spider-Man however. Raimi and Marc Webb later served as creative consultants for Marvel Studios’ ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home, ‘directed by Jon Watts, and in recent times, rumors started spreading that Raimi would direct ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ highly, awaited installment in the ‘Avengers’ franchise.

Recently, Raimi expressed that he would love to direct the last Phase 6 movie but unfortunately, the studio hasn’t asked him yet.

“I love 90% of the Marvel heroes that I’ve read in the great Stan Lee Marvel Universe comic books. I would love to work with Marvel again. They haven’t reasonably asked me to. I hope they had a good experience with me. They haven’t asked me yet. I hope they do.”

Now after another round of rumors connected to both the upcoming ‘Spider-Man 4’ and ‘Secret Wars’ Raimi addressed the fans again in his The Wrap Interview stating that It’s still not happening.

I don’t have any plans. But I would love it!

Raimi’s most recent MCU project was ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ and besides the superhero movies, we are awaiting his ‘Don’t Move’ horror-thriller set to be released sometime in 2024 in which he served as the producer.

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