Wesley Snipes Might be Returning to Blade Role Latest Rumors Indicate

Wesley Snipes Might be Returning to Blade Role Latest Rumors Indicate

MCU has plenty of projects in the works scheduled to be released over the course of the next several years, one of them is the ‘Blade’ reboot, developed to bring in the most notable vampire hunter in the history of comics to MCU.

Mahershala Ali proposed the project and will be playing the titular vampire hunter. The movie was originally supposed to come out in 2023, but the release date was pushed all the way to 2025 (so far) due to Ali not exactly being happy with the script.

The movie had a turbulent development with the story being changed multiple times, and Mahershala even almost dropping out at one point. Plenty of names did drop out of the project like Aaron Pierre due to undisclosed reasons. The latest reports point in the direction of the movie’s story being slashed down to mere basics and the movie now fully revolving around just Blade killing vampires and the shooting is finally ready to start in Mexico.

If Daniel Richtman, an industry insider with a good track record is to be believed, Wesley Snipes will return to the MCU in the Multiverse Saga, and he will return in multiple undisclosed projects.

It’s unknown whether he will appear as a variant since Mahershala is dead set on being Blade, at least according to our knowledge. There are also rumors that Snipes is not exactly the most pleasant person to work with and some people pointed out that this might make the deal go south as Disney wouldn’t like to associate itself with that.

In any case, things have never looked better (and worse) at the same time for the upcoming movie. A few months ago Michael Green was hired to do rewrites and they are aiming to conserve the “R” rating under any means necessary, something that Demange stated is their priority.

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