The 10 Avengers Endgame Easter Eggs Worth Looking For

The Top 10 Avengers Endgame Easter Eggs

I’m gonna throw this out here and now. Before you read on, know that this article is one giant spoiler. So, if you haven’t watched the movie or don’t want to know what happens, DON’T READ ON. I repeat, DO NOT READ ON IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN AVENGERS ENDGAME.

You’ve been warned.

No different than any other MCU movie, there are plenty of shout outs and nods to comics and other movies in Endgame. There’s more of them than I can count. I’m not lying, there really is. From the new home of Asgard to Ant-Man’s helmet, the movie boasts an impressive amount. 


Which are the best? In a movie filled with them, which are the best Avengers Endgame Easter eggs? 

10. Jim Starlin

You’ll surely remember the scene where Steve Rogers is leading a support group? The scene sees Steve and a few others gathered in a circle talking about how difficult it has become since Thanos wiped out half of the Universe. It’s both touching and a callback to the Winter Soldier movie.

If you were paying attention, you’d have noticed two key members of the support group. The first, Joe Russo, has, along with his brother Anthony, been the masterminds behind the MCU for the better part of 5 years. The second, Jim Starlin was the architect of the Infinity War story more than 25 years ago.

It’s a “blink and you’ll miss it moment” but one certainly worth looking out for.

9. Namor

After the events of Infinity War, Endgame sees Natasha Romanov take control of S.H.I.E.L.D. As their leader, she has her team search the globe and universe for abnormalities and report them back to her. 

In one of the reports, Okoye tells her that there was an earthquake under the water level on the ocean’s floor. This could very well be nothing, but Marvel isn’t known for nothing. Namor has been referenced in the past (Iron Man 2) and the earthquake may refer to Namor potentially joining the other heroes in the MCU. 

Remember, Iron Man 2 also referenced Wakanda and look where that ended up…

8. Loki disappears

The movie is primarily about time travel. In one of the travels, Tony Stark and Ant-Man travel back in time to the battle of New York to retrieve the Tesseract. Unfortunately, things go very wrong and, not only do they lose the Cube, but they also helplessly watch as Loki picks it up and exits the custody that Thor and Iron Man (circa 2012) had placed him in. 

Many questioned how Disney and their streaming service would get around the fact that Loki died in Infinity War. You know, because Disney has plans to do a Loki television series? Watching him exit before being taken back to Asgard to face Odin, has been answered that question. 

7. Howard the Duck

The final battle has more awesome scenes than all of the MCU movies combined. Not only does it bring back all the dead heroes from Infinity War, but it also brings back some other lesser-known casualties. Of the lesser-knowns, none may be more surprising than the inclusion of Howard the Duck.

As the heroes assemble on screen, if you look really hard you can see the Duck standing behind Wasp and toting a gun. This is an obvious call-out to James Gunn who has long stated that his favorite character is Howard the Duck.

6. Earth-616

As the movie begins, notable Avengers who were not snapped away still hadn’t been found. Of them, none raised more questions about their return than Ant-Man, Scott Lang

It turns out that Scott is still in the Quantum Realm and the only way out was through the machine in his van. Luckily, a rat walks by, presses the correct series of buttons, and Scott is spat out from the Quantum Realm. What you may not have noticed is that the lock-up the van is stored in is numbered 616. This is an obvious reference for the dimension that most Marvel Comics take place in…Earth-616.

5. Morgan Stark

Infinity War made it clear that, at some point, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts would have a child together. Endgame delivers on this point and the two name their little girl Morgan.

Morgan, as fans of the character already know, is an important name in Iron Man’s history. In comics, Morgan is the name of Tony’s cousin and not his daughter. This is important because Morgan eventually ends up becoming the villain, Ultimo. We can all hope that the MCU’s version of Morgan doesn’t go on the resemble the comic book version of the character.

4. Roscoe

When Steve and Tony travel back to the 1970s to retrieve some Pym Particles and the Tesseract, they are dropped in a place filled with shout outs and references. Aside from Ant-Man’s original helmet, Howard Stark, and Stan Lee, the most notable reference is the name on Steve’s army uniform. 

While walking through the military base, viewers should take notice of the name on the uniform, Roscoe. Roscoe, of course, is a direct reference to Roscoe Simmons, or the man who took up the Shield when Steve Rogers couldn’t. Roscoe’s time as Captain America wasn’t as long-lived as Steve Rogers. During his time, he was taken hostage, tortured, and killed by the Red Skull.

3. Breaking of the Shield

During the final battle, it doesn’t take much to notice that Captain America’s Shield is broken in half like a wet piece of paper. This, while troubling to watch, is a moment of homage to the original Infinity War story. 

During Jim Starlin’s Infinity War, Steve Rogers loses his shield and then watches it break in a similar fashion as we saw in Endgame. Although it’s incredibly sad to see the iconic shield smashed in half, it’s also pleasing to see the movie pull so accurately from the source material. 

2. Steve and Peggy dance

The movie closes out with one of the most heartwarming scenes in the entire MCU. 

At the end of Captain America The First Avenger, Steve Rogers is forced to crash the plane he’s flying into the water. By doing this he saves millions of lives but also sacrifices his own. What’s worse is that while he was nosediving into the water, he told his girlfriend, Peggy Carter, that he’d be home to give her one last dance.

Endgame delivers on the promise and the movie concludes with the ultimate callback. Just before the credits roll, the movie shifts back to the 1940/50s and we see Steve Rogers dancing with Peggy Carter. It’s a touching moment that’s sure to bring a smile and tear to your eye at the same time.

1. Clanking of the hammer

Endgame doesn’t have any end credit scene but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth sticking around for. If your bladder is strong enough to make it through the movie and then through the credits, you’ll be happy to hear a clanking noise. The noise is none other than Tony Stark in a cave creating the original Iron Man suit. 

It’s a nice touch and gives credit to the man who started it all. Good on you Marvel. You didn’t have to do it but I’m glad you did.



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