Beau DeMayo Comments on Fans “Straight-Washing” Morph-Wolverine Romance: “Confession to Logan Was Always Romantic”

Beau DeMayo Comments on Fans Straight Washing Morph Wolverine Romance Confession to Logan Was Always Romantic

‘X-Men ’97’ turned out to be a surprise hit for the Marvel Studios. Ever since the first episode was released the show had consistently high ratings, and fans praised it for its story, authenticity, and faithfulness to the original show and numerous improvements made to characters.

Having said that, the show wasn’t without controversies, especially when the creators of the show went public that Morph was non-binary, and in episode 3, the romance between Morph & Wolverine was teased for the first time.

The confirmation that something more is going on finally came in the final episode of the first season. While Wolverine lay horrifically wounded after Magneto removed adamantium from his body, Morph transformed into Jean, comforting Wolverine and confessing love to him.

Now, this might seem something that a really good friend would do for you to motivate you to pull through and recover when hope seems slim, but Beau DeMayo actually took to social media to confirm that Morph was in fact confessing his own feelings to Wolverine.

One not-so-insignificant part of the fandom immediately took to deny the so-far one-sided romance between Morph and Wolverine and Beau DeMayo decided to shut down those theories once and for all by claiming that the romance was planned from the beginning and the confession was absolutely romantic in nature:

From story bible to the script, Morph’s confession to Logan was always romantic. I discussed this openly and often during production. Suggesting otherwise, never mind contradicting the intention of a queer writer-showrunner, is both offensive and straight-washing.

DeMayo further clarified that he is disappointed that the disrespect is happening during pride month.

To talk about representation and it mattering, and then contradict a gay black creator once they are able to become one of the few showrunners who are gay and black, is just disingenuous.

For most of the character’s history, Wolverine was romantically involved with Jean Grey and other women. The relationship between Jean and him is one of the most toxic relationships in the history of X-Men (the bar is pretty high X-Men are a mess in that regard). Some recent stories even imply that Wolverine is part of “throuple” with Scott Summers and Jean Grey.

Fans immediately jumped to defend Wolverine’s sexuality, however, the show did nothing to confirm that Wolverine has romantic feelings for Morph, it only confirmed that Morph has romantic feelings for Wolverine, which will likely remain unrequited, fueling his character growth.

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