‘X-Men ’97’ Creator Confirms Highly Controversial Romance Between Morph and Wolverine

Fans Are Rooting for One Controversial ‘X Men ‘97 Romance They Spent the Entire Episode Attached to the Hip

‘X-Men ’97’ turned out to be a surprise hit for the Marvel Studios. Ever since the first episode was released the show had consistently high ratings, and fans praised it for its story, authenticity, and faithfulness to the original show and numerous improvements made to characters.

Having said that, the show wasn’t without controversies, especially when the creators of the show went public that Morph was non-binary, and in episode 3, the romance between Morph & Wolverine was teased.

As Madelyne Prior unleashed horrific nightmares upon the team, one of the most interesting sequences was the one that belonged to Morph. In his vision he can see Wolverine in the shower, but instead of averting his gaze or acting shocked he continues to take in the view and jokes with Wolverine saying: Needs some help with those hard to reach place?”

This scene quickly turns back into a nightmare with Wolverine replying: Always with the jokes eh Morph? As If I don’t know?”

Now in the subsequent episodes the romance was teased some more, mostly through mutual worry and care. Then in the final episode of the show which aired this week, while Wolverine lay horrifically wounded after Magneto removed adamantium from his body, Morph transformed into Jean, comforting Wolverine and confessing love to him.

Now, this might seem something that a really good friend would do for you to motivate you to pull through and recover when hope seems slim, but Beau DeMayo actually took to social media to confirm that Morph was in fact confessing his own feelings to Wolverine.

For now, the romance is one-sided, but as I’ve written before, even though they are not the most conventional couple around it would sure be a welcome change when compared the romance between Wolverine and Jean.

In any case, it’s at least good to have some confirmation that fans weren’t reading too much into it all along. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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