Beau DeMayo Comments on Heartwreching Episode 5 of ‘X-Men ‘97’: “The Whole World Is Unsafe…”

Creator of X Men 97 Beau DeMayo Fired Just Weeks Ahead of Shows Premiere

We’re now halfway through ‘X-Men ’97’ and fans are already calling the show the best thing to happen to Marvel Studios in a long time. Episode 5 was especially touching, and the reactions to the freshly released episode have been wild so far, mostly pointing out how emotional it was.

Genosha is attacked, Magneto and Gambit sacrifice themselves to stop the Sentinels and destroy Mister Mold, and Cyclops’ and Jean’s relationship is falling apart as Jean discovers that Cyclops has been communicating telepathically with Madelyne, while she finds herself drawn to Wolverine. This is just a short rundown of what has taken place this week.

Following the release of the episode, Beau DeMayo left a few comments on X, explaining what was his original intention with the episode, and boy did he make some good points. Beau explains that following the cheery and nostalgic first few episodes of the show, he always planned to make episode 5 sort of a rug pull that’s supposed to demonstrate how the whole world is basically unsafe.

He also commented on Jean’s memory disassociation and identity crisis that many survivors of sexual assault face.

Despite creating the latest Marvel Studios masterpiece, Beau DeMayo was fired just days ahead of the ‘X-Men ’97’ premiere. The reason for his firing was never revealed publicly but insiders and various leakers speculated that it was due to his behavior on the job as he was extremely difficult to work with.

Some speculate that the reason for DeMayo’s firing is more specific, as something terrible had to happen for the company to cut ties with him ahead of the premiere in such a shocking and “clean cut” sort of way. Not to mention that season 2 of ‘X-Men ’97’ is already in production and season 3 is already in development.

In any case, we hope that DeMayo’s departure from the project won’t affect the quality of the show. ‘X-Men 97’ is released every Wednesday on Disney+ platform.

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