Beau DeMayo Gives Final Assignment to Fans Ahead of ‘X-Men ’97’ Finale

Creator of X Men 97 Beau DeMayo Fired Just Weeks Ahead of Shows Premiere

‘X-Men ’97’ was an unexpected hit for Marvel Studios. Following a series of flops in 2023 the studio really needed something to restore at least some of the faith that the franchise could be salvaged from a series of bad stories.

In comes ‘X-Men ’97’ a revival of the old ‘X-Men: The Animated Series.’ Fans were wonderfully surprised when the showrunners managed to keep faithful to the old show with new and modern twists.

Despite being fired from the studio just days before the season 1 premiere, Beau DeMayo continued comments on the show and guided fans across the episodes through some of the most devastating moments in the franchise’s history.

DeMayo frequently recommended both comics to read through to better understand the context of the episodes, as well as episodes of the original ‘X-Men: The Animated Series.’

Now since the finale is just 2 days away, DeMayo once again took to social media to give the final assignment to fans as they are gearing up for the finale.

Beau recommended that the fans watch the episode ‘The Final Decision,’ which is the finale of season 1 of the original show which aired on March 27th, 1993.

In the episode, the X-Men and their former adversary Magneto unite forces to thwart Master Mold’s sinister plot of replacing Senator Kelly’s brain with a computer. Their alliance leads to an epic showdown against an army of Sentinels. The intense battle culminates in Senator Kelly retracting his anti-mutant stance, marking a significant victory for mutantkind. Additionally, Beast, previously imprisoned, is liberated, signaling a hopeful shift in the ongoing struggle for mutant rights.

Despite the show coming to an end, fans can look forward to more content, relatively soon. Season 2 has been in development for quite some time now, almost back-to-back with the first season of the show. We also learned ahead of the season 1 premiere that season 3 is in the early stages of development.

Latest reports point in the direction of the show having as many seasons as possible, due to positive ratings. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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