Fans Are Calling for Beau Demayo To Get His Job Back for One Good Reason

Creator of X Men 97 Beau DeMayo Fired Just Weeks Ahead of Shows Premiere

Beau DeMayo was shockingly fired over a month ago, just days away from the premiere of ‘X-Men ’97’ and the exact reason for his firing was never exactly given. There were speculations that it was due to his behavior as the writer is notable for being difficult to work with, there were also rumors that it was due to his OnlyFans account.

The matter is even more shocking when you take into account that DeMayo has been a massive part of X-Men future. The show was renewed for a second season ahead of first season premiere and is currently in production while season three is currently in development.

No one wanted to touch the wasp’s nest that was his firing until episode 5 of ‘X-Men ’97’ aired. The episode was a shocking and emotional gut punch delivered perfectly. Beau explained what he aimed to achieve with it, explaining that the first few episodes were basically treats for old-time fans of the original show, cheery and nostalgic, and he aimed to deliver the ultimate rug-pull with episode 5, completely changing the tone of the show. DeMayo’s rationale for doing that was to prove that nowhere is safe, there is no thing that cannot be taken away from you at any given time.

The reactions to the show were amazing, and the hashtag is still trending on X, 24 hours after the episode was released. In a shocking turn of events, the fans are now calling for DeMayo to be reinstated as Marvel Studios writer.

DeMayo clearly knows how to write a story and how to explore complicated issues, ‘X-Men ’97’ was his baby. We don’t know the reasons behind his firing, but it must have been something bad for the studio to cut all connections with him in such a shocking and abrupt way. Still, fans are going as far as to demand that Beau DeMayo return to write the upcoming live-action ‘X-Men’ projects in development.

In any case, we just hope that DeMayo got enough work done on season 2 so the show won’t suffer from his absence completely. We look forward to seeing what he has in store for us. ‘X-Men ’97’ releases every Wednesday on Disney+. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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