Beau DeMayo Reveals Why He Decided To Reunite Spider-Man & MJ After 26 Years

Beau DeMayo Reveals Why He Decided To Reunite Spider Man MJ After 26 Years

Ever since ‘X-Men ’97’ gave fans a glimpse of Spider-Man from the original animated series, fans have been hoping that he will find his Mary Jane, and the showrunners delivered.

In the bombastic ‘X-Men ’97’ finale, Peter Parker and Mary Jane finally reunited. The final episode of the series featured numerous iconic cameos, including several Avengers, but one particular appearance stole the show. Showrunner Beau DeMayo confirmed its authenticity and hinted at the possibility of recreating another iconic animation from the same era.

After Professor X’s intervention healed Magneto and diverted Asteroid M, saving humanity. A brief cameo by Peter Parker and Mary Jane, reminiscent of their appearances in the 1994-1998 Spider-Man animated series, delighted fans. DeMayo confirmed the reunion on social media, filling a narrative gap from the original animation where Peter and MJ never reconnected.

Director Jake Castorena of X-Men ’97 revealed to that Beau DeMayo’s intention was to provide a satisfying resolution to the unresolved cliffhanger from ‘Spider-Man: The Animated Series’ by reuniting the beloved couple, with DeMayo confirming his involvement in the game-changing moment that sparked excitement among fans online.

DeMayo himself recently commented on why he decided to reunite them:

Jake is correct. I was very bugged that we never found out what happened to MJ and I wanted to offer fellow Spidey fans a happy answer (even if an asteroid was hurtling toward the Earth at that moment) #xmen97.

Now, this is not only a neat easter egg for the fans of the original show, it’s also perhaps a sign of things to come. In recent times, there’s been much talk that Marvel Studios is planning to orient itself more toward animated projects, and there have been rumors that perhaps the original Spider-Man Animated series in perhaps due for a revival.

Recently, it’s also been confirmed that the two shows in fact take place in the same universe. Even if the original show doesn’t get a revival, we can still be thankful to the showrunners for completing Peter’s arc.

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