10 Best Blue Beetle’s Quotes from Comics

10 Best Blue Beetles Quotes From Comics

Blue Beetle is one of DC Comics’ most beloved superheroes, known for his high-tech suit of armor and unwavering commitment to justice. Throughout his many adventures, Blue Beetle has uttered some truly memorable lines, from inspiring declarations of heroism to clever one-liners. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best Blue Beetle quotes from the comics. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the character or a newcomer looking to learn more about his wit and wisdom, these quotes are sure to entertain and inspire you. So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Blue Beetle and explore his most iconic quotes!

1. “These are my rules. No one hurts innocent people. Got that? Good!”

Blue Beetle No one hurts the innocent

This quote was spoken by Blue Beetle in Blue Beetle Vol 7 #12 as he was firing toward the enemy Reach probe. This quote represents one of Jaime’s core values as a hero. By saying, “These are my rules,” he is making it clear that he is in charge and has certain principles and standards that he adheres to. In this case, his first rule is “No one hurts innocent people.” This means that he will do everything in his power to prevent harm from coming to innocent individuals, even if it means putting himself in danger.

2. “I’m trapped on an alien spaceship, and I have no powers. But I’m the Blue Beetle. And the thing about us Blue Beetles… we don’t need no stinking powers.”

In Blue Beetle Vol 7 #24, Blue Beetle found himself on Reach Mothership without his gear, and while he was imprisoned, he uttered this iconic quote. This quote encapsulates one of the core themes of the Blue Beetle character, which is that heroism is not just about having powers but about using whatever tools you have at your disposal to do what’s right. It’s a reminder that even when things seem impossible or overwhelming, there is always a way to fight back and make a difference.


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3. “I have energy beams, and you have no pants. Do the math.”

Blue Beetle vs. Typhoon quote

In Blue Beetle Vol 7 #17, Blue Beetle faced Typhoon, a villain with devastating weather-manipulating abilities. After a witty exchange, Typhoon expressed his gratitude that Blue Beetle wanted to talk to him first, which is unlike the rest of the heroes that usually simply attack him. Still, Typhon decided to attack Blue Beetle, which ended up in a direct clash between the characters. 

4.” Another annoying monster battle, another interrupted date… another typical night in the life of Jaime Reyes.”

Another Annoying Monster Battle Blue Beetle

In Blue Beetle Vol 7 #27, Jaime Reyes finds himself on a date with Traci Thirteen. However, their date is interrupted when they are attacked by small creatures reminiscent of devils. Jaime transforms into a Blue Beetle, and once again, he is forced to save the day. The quote highlights one of the central themes of the Blue Beetle character, which is the tension between heroism and personal responsibility.

Jaime wants to be a hero and help people, but he also wants to live a normal life and have time for the things that matter to him, like his relationship with his girlfriend. However, his duty as a superhero often requires him to put those personal concerns aside and focus on fighting crime and saving lives.

5. “An evil, all-seeing artificial intelligence, with an army of robots manned by innocent people kidnapped against their will?! What psycho-nutjob supervillain built that?”

Blue Beetle OMAC quote

This quote references the thoughts that went through Jaime’s head when he saw Brother Eye’s OMAC for the first time in The Batcave. Batman doesn’t seem to be all the surprised by Jaime’s reaction, and Jaime is soon overwhelmed and hyped that he will soon get to meet the Justice League. 

6 “Ma’am, I kinda need to focus on not wetting my spiffy magical bug suit” 

Blue Beetle Quotes Wet the suit

As spoken in Blue Beetle Vol 7 #7, Jaime Reyes is not ashamed to admit how terrified he is of OMAC and Brother Eyes. This quote was spoken to Black Canary and perfectly encapsulates the whole moment of how Blue Beetle felt being in the presence of Justice League and large-scale villains for the first time. 


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7. “We’re not who our fathers make us. We’re not just the sum of some alien freak’s programming. We make choices. “

Blue Beetle Peacemaker

In Blue Beetle Vol 7 #20, Jaime Reyes discovers that Peacemaker is alive. Peacemaker is, however, not in a state to fight due to mental trauma. Jaime tries to reach him by explaining to him that there is no pre-determined path in life. Our destiny is our own, and we make it to be whatever we want it to be. Both Peacemaker and Jaime Reyes didn’t have a choice when it came to some matters, but they always had a choice on what their future will look like. 

8. “I don’t know what “Quantum Whosis Whatsis” is, but whatever you guys did to me is broken.”

QUantum Whosis Whatsis

In Blue Beetle Vol 7 #13, Negotiator reveals to Jaime Reyes that Scarab was exposed to Quantum Improbability Energy repeatedly in its inactive state, and this is what caused the Scarab to malfunction. Jaime Reyes explained to the Negotiator that he had absolutely no idea what he was talking about but realized that something was wrong. 

9 “What with all the giant people lately? Is it a club or something?” 

Giant people Blue Beetle

In Blue Beetle Vol 7 #19, Jaime Reyes was attacked by Giganta. He couldn’t help but notice that in the last few issues, he was attacked on several occasions by superpowered characters of giant size. 

10 “Oh, Yay, being teased by the popular blond hotties. Welcome back to the freshman year…”

Blue Beetle being teased

In Blue Beetle Vol 7 # 19, Blue Beetle was on his joint mission with Teen Titans, and they were supposed to ambush Lobo. On the way, Wonder Girl and Supergirl started teasing Jaime, and he had a perfect sarcastic reply ready to be fired right back at them. 

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