Are Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Together? Relationship Explained

blue beetle and booster gold

While everyone is gearing up for the new Blue Beetle movie that is supposed to come out this year, we are going to take a look at his relationship with another character with whom he’s always connected. When you think about Booster Gold, you also think about the Blue Beetle. The two of them come as a packaged deal. Everyone has been wondering about their relationship, and with the new DC Universe reboot that is planned for the next couple of years, especially with the first solo-standing Blue Beetle movie that is coming out. Many fans have been asking are Booster Gold and Blue Beetle together, and in this article, we are going to take a look at their relationship and try to answer this question.

While there is some speculation about Booster Gold and Blue Beetle being in a romantic relationship together, this was never confirmed. The two of them became very close, and that’s why when we think of one of them, we automatically think of the other. For now, the two of them seem to be just friends, but there are potential alternate universes where the possibility of a romantic relationship is not excluded.

Furthermore, we will take a deeper look into both of the characters, and hopefully, if you have found this interesting so far, you will stick with us and keep reading for more!

Are Booster Gold and Blue Beetle together?

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle first met each other in the Justice League International comic series. The initial idea is for the two of them to serve as the comic relief duo, which they did, but what the writers didn’t anticipate was how well received it would be.

Booster Gold’s real name is Michael Carter, and his origin story started in the 25th century, where he was from. He was a very promising athlete and even got a scholarship for the Gotham University program. Everything started to fall apart when it was revealed that Michael was intentionally losing some of the games so he could get money from gambling.

His entire life collapsed after that, and he lost all his opportunities up until then. His character is known for being driven by fame and achievement, so the loss that he felt drove him to his next actions. Michael broke into a museum where he stole some of the ex-superhero equipment. He built his suit this way and then used a time-traveling machine to go back in time.

This way, he could travel to a place where no one knew him, and with his newfound powers, he became a hero to everyone. The second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, and in this case, the one most relevant to Booster Gold, was a very smart individual. Anything he took on, he would excel at, whether it was business or science; when he’s focused on something, he will become very good at it.

His uncle tried to take over the world, and with the help of his teacher Dan Garrett, he decided to take him on and try to stop him. His teacher later revealed his identity as the Blue Beetle, and after he was fatally wounded during their action, he passed on the role of the Blue Beetle to Ted.


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Ted couldn’t activate the Blue Beetle powers, but he didn’t give up on the role. He found his own way through training and assembling lots of different gadgets that helped him work as the Blue Beetle. When Booster Gold and Blue Beetle met in the Justice League International, a friendship started to develop between the two of them.

They would later become an unstoppable duo, always looking out for each other, sometimes with different tragic outcomes. This is one of the arguments for their romantic relationship since there were many times the two of them would do everything to save each other, only to see one another die.

There is also another argument surrounding the Injustice 2 comic series, which was created after the video game of the same name was released, in which the whole premise is if you can imagine a universe where anything can happen to our favorite DC characters. What would happen if Superman became a tyrannical leader? Similarly, we could say that there is a possibility that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle were more than just friends.

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold
Blue Beetle and Booster Gold insert from the Injustice 2 comic series

Unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier, the relationship between Booster Gold and Blue Beetle has only been platonic so far. We have seen gentle moments where the two of them had really emotional exchanges. But the surrounding situation would always be where one of them is close to dying; in that regard, it’s understandable why that would happen.

Does Blue Beetle have a love interest?

With the new movie coming out this year, many people wonder who Blue Beetle’s love interest will be. Over time we have seen three different Blue Beetles, so now we are going to take a look at their love interests and if they had any.

The first Blue Beetle was Dan Garrett, whom we’ve mentioned earlier; he appeared in the Blue Beetle comic series reboot as Ted Kord’s teacher. He would only later reveals his true identity and pass it on to Ted. From what we know about Dan Garrett is that he had a romantic relationship with Joan Mason. She was a beautiful young reporter that worked for the newspaper called The Bulletin.

Joan Mason
Joan Mason

The second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, is only known to have dated his lab partner named Tracy. Although, there have been some romantic moments between him and Oracle, also known as Barbara Gordon. Then we have the third Blue Beetle, Jamie Reyes, and in the animated show Young Justice, his love interest is his teammate Thirteen.

Jamie Reyes and Thirteen
Jamie Reyes and Thirteen

Interestingly, if you look at the cast for the new Blue Beetle movie, you will see that the actress Bruna Marquezine will be playing a character named Penny. She is set to be Jamie Reyes’ love interest, but we still don’t know if she’s somehow connected with the comics or if she is an original character.


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Who is Booster Gold’s love interest?

Booster Gold’s love life hasn’t been fully explored yet. Booster had talked about marrying a rich elderly woman so he could get out of a bad financial situation. Well, that has somewhat recently changed for Booster. In Harley Quinn’s comic series, Booster made an appearance, and this is where he and Harley shared some romantic scenes together.

Hrley Quinn and Booster Gold
Harley Quinn and Booster Gold

Harley Quinn is one of the most popular DC characters, and many fans have their preferences about whom they would like to see her end up with. The most popular relationship is between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy; many fans have talked about how they don’t like the new pairing between Booster and her. Not to say that the relationship between Booster and Harley has been set in stone, anything can happen in that regard, but for now, it does seem that the two of them will keep dating each other.

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