Bizarre Wikipedia Entry Might Solve the Mystery of ‘Thunderbolts’ Asterisk: Are We in for a Trilogy?


Yesterday, news hit that ‘Thunderbolts*’ has wrapped filming. The development of the movie was made difficult due to the SAG-AFTRA strike that paralyzed the industry as a whole leaving many projects unfinished and even canceling some. ‘Thunderbolts*’ luckily recovered and the movie started shooting in February of this year.

Soon after the shooting began, Florence Pugh accidentally revealed the new logo and the title of the movie in a set video made for fans. The new title included an asterisk. Feige cleared up during CinemaCon that ‘Thunderbolts*’ truly is the title of the movie but that the mystery of the sign will be revealed once the movie is released.

Now several theories have developed on what it could mean, but one bizarre Wikipedia entry spotted on the ‘Thunderbolts*’ Wikipedia page might put all these rumors to rest.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that Wikipedia is by no means an official source of information related to the movie. While the information provided on it is comprehensive and for the most time accurate, it’s extremely easy to edit by random people and is often targeted to spread hoaxes and pranks.

A piece of text appeared on the page written in Cyrillic script and Ukrainian language:

[Marvel плани на трилогія з 2025 до 2029 рік заплановано трилогія громоверців

It roughly translates to “Marvel has plans for trilogy 2025-2029” – native speakers you are free to correct me in the comments.

The change was made in the early morning of June 13, according to Eastern European time and the IP of the user is Ukraine-based. All user edits are related to various Marvel topics, and there are not that many of them.

While this is most likely a prank, or an attempt to edit Wikipedia without a confirmed source aka fake news, there’s the benefit of the doubt that this is related to the asterisk, and it confirms rumors that have been talked about a few weeks back.

The asterisk may represent “Pt. 1,” ‘Pt, 2.” etc., or maybe a placeholder for a number. We are theorizing that ‘Thunderbolts*’ will be a series of movies instead of a standalone installment. Some fans theorized even before that the movies are being filmed back-to-back, which seems unlikely given that Iger is drastically changing the direction of the MCU, wanting to invest in only sure hits, following a disastrous box-office year.

Several weeks back, Atlanta_filming Instagram account referred to the movie as ‘Thunderbolts* Part 1.’ Post was relatively quickly removed from the page but still, you can’t help but wonder.

What do you think?

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