‘Blue Beetle’ Director Opens up About Green Lantern Easter Egg

blue beetle green lantern easter egg

It’s been a week since ‘Blue Beetle,’ the newest DC movie, opened in theaters, and judging by the first weekend only, WB and DC Studios are listing this as their fourth DC flop in a row. 2022’s ‘The Batman’ remains the latest commercially successful DC movie, and it looks like it’s going to stay like that for a while now.

Despite the fact that ‘Blue Beetle’ is still very early in its theatrical run, grossing a little over $40 million worldwide for the opening weekend is already enough to call it a flop, particularly because ‘The Flash,’ another commercial disappointment for DC one and of the biggest box-office flops in history, grossed $139 million in its opening weekend.

At this point, the future of Xolo Maridueña as the Blue Beetle, despite the fact that he was born to play this role, is very uncertain, regardless of James Gunn’s promises about his future in DCU, because no matter how loud Gunn can talk, box-office talks louder.

‘Blue Beetle’ confirms Green Lantern Easter Egg from the movie’s opening credits!

The movie’s director Angel Manuel Soto talked a lot about Blue Beetle’s future in live-action. Both the director and the main star expressed their huge passion for developing this character further on the big screen. Even the potential trilogy was mentioned.

However, with the whole situation of DCEU ending this year and DCU replacing it, both of them and the fans who want to see more of Blue Beetle can now only sit and wait for further announcements, hoping for the best. Still, the director recently confirmed one little Easter Egg you may have missed in the movie’s opening sequence.

“There are a lot of Easter Eggs. I always say, if you watch it a second time, or even three times, you’re gonna find different Easter Eggs every single time, because they’re very minimal. Do you notice the green beam in the title sequence? That’s the Green Lantern. See? You’ll have to see it again!”

Angel Manuel Soto (via Heroic Hollywood)


‘Blue Beetle’ Director Talks About the Mid-Credits Scene & Teases a Surprising Character for a Potential Sequel

Unlike many modern blockbuster movies, ‘Blue Beetle’ featured an opening credits sequence which allowed the audience to see the most important names that worked on this movie. The sequence featured a montage of the Blue Beetle Scarab movement through history, and one quick shot in space featured a green beam, which now Angel Manuel Soto confirmed was intended to be a reference to Green Lantern.

This Easter Egg has no influence on the story, and frankly, the scene would make no difference if it was a blue beam instead of green, but still, Easter Eggs are never meant to be on the nose.

The fans of Green Lantern are currently anticipating the upcoming live-action television series ‘Lanterns,’ which is currently in development as a part of DCU. The series was officially announced by James Gunn earlier this year, and it was said that the series would feature John Stewart and Hal Jordan as two main characters.

‘Blue Beetle’ now plays in theaters worldwide.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Have you watched ‘Blue Beetle’ yet? Are you looking forward to ‘Lanterns’? Let us know in the comments.

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