Brad Winderbaum Reveals Why Deadpool Couldn’t Appear in ‘X-Men ’97’ and Whether We Can Expect Him in Future Episodes

Brad Winderbaum Reveals Why Deadpool Couldnt Appear in X Men 97 and Whether We can Expect him in Future Episodes

‘X-Men ’97’ was an unexpected success for the studio following a series of flops. The show had consistently high rankings, keeping true to the original animated series in both the story and the spirit.

Over the course of the episodes, we’ve seen cameos of plenty of notable characters, and one notable Marvel mutant was missing, Deadpool. This was strange considering that he did appear in the original series briefly, and since he has a movie coming up, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to hype him up even more through the show?

Recently fans asked Beau DeMayo why Deadpool wasn’t included and the creator of the show revealed that Merc With the Mouth was off the table. Now in his recent interview with ScreenRant, Brad Winderbaum head of animation gave us more details on the matter.

I don’t know that it was like a hard and fast rule that we couldn’t use Deadpool. We would have had to have an insanely compelling reason to bring Deadpool in. Because we’re also developing the feature simultaneously. So, unless it was something that really was an undeniable creative idea, it seemed like, ‘Why would we do it?’

But also, I’ll say, the season is so chock-full of big, giant, amazing fulfilling ideas that throwing Deadpool in there almost feels like arbitrary at a certain point.

Winderbaum also cleared up that just because he wasn’t included in season 1, doesn’t mean that he is excluded from the show forever.

Is there a potential for Deadpool to come in? Absolutely, he was in the original series, briefly as we all know, and certainly we’re all fans, so we’ll see what happens.

‘X-Men ’97’ season 1 aired the last episode last Wednesday, as we know season 2 is already in production, and season 3 is currently being developed. Recently, rumors spread that the show will have as many seasons as possible, so the chances of Deadpool not appearing at some point are pretty slim.

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