Top 15 Most Powerful Mutants in the Marvel Universe (Ranked)

Top 15 Most Powerful Mutants in the Marvel Universe Ranked

Not all mutants are created equally. Some, for example, have a mutation that simply changes their appearance, while others, well, their mutation, can change the very world around them. It’s these ones that I’m interested in. These types of mutants are so powerful that very few oppose them because they simply can’t be stopped. Some can snap their enemies from existence. Some can make their enemies believe they are in a perpetual state of shitting their pants. And some can cause the environment to dramatically change in a matter of seconds. 

Of them, all, ten stand out as the most powerful, and if you permit me a moment, I’d like to count them down for you. Here are the most powerful mutants in Marvel comics.

15. Franklin Richards


Franklin is more of an honorable mention on this list because currently, he is completely depowered, which landed him in this, well, still flattering position. Franklin Richards was once at the forefront of this list due to his omnipotence.

Yes, Franklin could do anything from molecular restructuring to reality-altering. But since he’s technically lost his status as a mutant recently and can’t do anything, we still put him last due to his legacy and former powers.

14. Namor

Can Namor talk to fish and control animals

There’s still a debate going on whether Namor should be included in these types of mutant lists, but the fact that he is part mutant still remains.


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Namor is the master of water. He has vast physical strength, speed, durability, and underwater, he is unmatched. His hydrokinetic abilities are simply on another level.

13. Professor X

Professor X

Charles Xavier is among the most powerful telepaths among the mutants. He can read minds and project his thoughts to others within a 250-mile radius, expandable with effort, and when connected to Cerebro or Cerebra, he can reach every mind on a planet, which would prove to be rather dangerous if Xavier wasn’t on the good side.

He can also create realistic telepathic illusions, cloak his presence, establish mental links with individuals, manipulate minds, control and possess others, alter memories, manipulate psychic waves, create mental shields, project psionic blasts, detect mutants nearby, and many other things, which landed him on this list.

12. Storm


Storm is a mutant capable of controlling and altering the weather around her. But that’s only a simple definition of what she can do.

Storm is so powerful that it can change the atmospheric pressure of any area, no matter its size. For example, she could make it happen if she wanted it to rain on the Egyptian Pyramids. She could make it happen if she wanted it to snow in the Amazon Rainforest. And if she wanted to submerge Antarctica, she could. And that’s not all.

Storm’s power isn’t limited to her abilities. She has been the Queen of Wakanda, the leader of the X-Men, and is now classified as an Omega-Level Mutant.

11. Jean Grey

Jean Grey

Jean found herself on this list, not due to Dark Phoenix but rather due to her standard powers.

Jean Grey is a powerful mutant with Omega-level abilities. She is both an Omega-level telepath and an Omega-level telekinetic, considered the most skilled in the Marvel Universe with limitless potential. Her telepathic abilities were initially suppressed but later unlocked by Charles Xavier, temporarily lost after her release from the Phoenix egg, and regained during battles with Psynapse during part of X-Factor.

10. Nate Grey

Origin of Nate Grey

The version of Nate Grey that makes this list doesn’t come from Earth-616. Instead, he comes from the ‘Age of Apocalypse’ Universe or Earth-295. Here’s why I’ve chosen to use Earth-295 Nate Grey.

Nate Grey of Earth-616 was affected by the Techno-Organic Virus. Due to this, a portion of his power was also reserved for keeping the virus from spreading. Nate Grey of Earth-295 was never affected by the virus. Therefore, he could always use the full amount of his power. And what is his power?

Nate Grey is a telepath who also possesses incredible telekinetic abilities. With his telekinesis, he can move and destroy objects (buildings, people, machinery, etc.) on a continent’s other side. Think about that. If he’s in New York, he can cause a building to fall in Los Angeles just by thinking about it. 

9. Apocalypse 


Apocalypse is believed to be the oldest mutant in existence. He was around when the Pharoah’s ruled Egypt, Alexander conquered the Persian Empire, and Disney bought Star Wars and Marvel Comics. To have lived for all of these years means only one thing…Apocalypse is a survivor, a very powerful survivor. Apocalypse has more powers than most mutants can dream up.


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The most notable are regeneration, size altering, super strength and intelligence, shapeshifting, near invulnerability, and the ability to connect with computers. Apocalypse is but one of a few that could single-handily take down the X-Men without putting forth any sort of effort. As such, he easily makes this powerful mutants list.

8. Magneto

Marvel Magneto

Magneto easily makes this most powerful mutants list as a man who has stopped the entire Avengers team in their tracks by manipulating the iron in their bodies. 

Yep. The entire team came running at him, and he actually stopped them in stride. Magneto is the main enemy of the X-Men, a hater of humans and a father to some extremely powerful offspring. He has saved San Francisco from an Earthquake, reversed the polarity of the Earth (Ultimate Universe), and ripped the Adamantium directly off Wolverine’s skeleton.

Magneto is so powerful that he instantly changes the outcome of any war to whichever side he’s on. He is an easy inclusion to this most powerful mutants list for all the above reasons and so much more.

7. Iceman 

Origin of Iceman

More than most other mutants, Iceman has undergone a dramatic change in his life. In his first appearance, he was a human-like snowman capable of throwing balls of snow at his opponents. No more, no less. Over the years, however, he has become much more.

Iceman has become so powerful that he can kill an enemy from the inside out by freezing their water molecules. In addition, he can grow and shrink to incredible sizes, can cover the Earth in an Ice Age, lose his limbs (head included) and grow them back, create ice slides to travel on, and may possess immortality. Iceman is the living definition of never judging a book by its cover. 

6. Psylocke 


Ask me twenty years ago if Psylocke was considered one of the most powerful mutants in history, and I would’ve laughed you out of the room. Ask me today I’ll respond with an emphatic “yes.”

When Psylocke was created, she was nothing more than an average telepath with one of the most confusing backstories in history. After moving her mind into the body of another, however, her existing powers grew, and she gained some new ones.

You’re wrong if you think that’s why she made this list. Psylocke became immensely powerful after Jean Grey from another timeline unlocked a latent ability. With Jean’s help, Psylocke became one of the most powerful telepaths in Marvel Comics. In fact, she’s now so powerful that she’s been classified as an Omega-Level Mutant.

5. Hope Summers

Hope Summers

You may not agree with my choice to include Hope Summers on this powerful mutants list. If that’s so, give me a second to convince you as to why she’s here.

Hope Summers has the power of mimicry. This means that she can copy the mutation and power of any nearby mutant. But that’s not all. After she’s copied the mutation or power, she can use either to its full potential.

Like many others on this list, Hope Summers is an Omega-Level Mutant. For reference, an Omega-Level Mutant means that she and a few others possess an undefinable limit of power. The main drawback of Hope Summers is that while she can use the powers to their full potential when she does, she puts all those around her at risk.

4. Scarlet Witch 

Scarlet Witch

Until the ‘House of M’ event, nobody understood how powerful Scarlet Witch was. I mean, she could alter the probability of things and use something called chaos magic, but neither was anything that would land her on a list like this. After ‘House of M,’ the world woke up to how powerful she was.

House of M was a storyline that ended with something called ‘M Day.’ For reference, ‘M Day’ was when she dropped the mutant population from millions to just 198. Although the story is a little far-fetched, it’s a great read and one that opened up a world of possibilities for Scarlet Witch. 


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How? Simple.  No matter what she did, the ‘House of M’ caused Scarlet Witch to land on the radar of every mutant-hating group on the planet.

3. Mr. M

Mr. M

Mr. M is known under the name Absolon Mercator. After unintentionally causing a fatal accident in Belgium, Absolon Mercator was relocated to the United States to live with his relatives. He grappled with his self-image and isolated himself, utilizing his mutant abilities to repair appliances in exchange for money. Absolon’s sole close companion was Hanna Levy, a fellow mutant with a peculiar diet of insects.

This makes Absolon’s powers all the more shocking, and I’m still rethinking his third place and wondering whether he should be higher. Absolon has the powers of matter manipulation as he can alter the molecular structure of almost anything around him. His manipulation powers extend to machines, elements, biology, plants, healing, regeneration, force fields, offense, and defense. I mean, the guy can create nuclear explosions at will.

2. Legion

Origin of Legion

When you’re the son of the world’s most powerful telepath, there’s a good chance that you, too, will be powerful. In the case of Legion, there’s a great chance.

Legion, like his father, Charles Xavier, is a telepath. He differs from the old man because he suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). This isn’t unheard of at Marvel Comics as one of their most well-known characters also has DID (Moon Knight). Whereas Moon Knight only has a handful of personalities, Legion has more than 50. 

And therein lies why he’s so powerful. Each and every personality has a different power. Yep. You read that correctly. 50+ personalities. 50+ powers.

1. Onsalught


Onslaught was created as a sentient entity from the combined consciousness of Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto. After a brutal stand-off, where Wolverine injured Magneto and suffered severe damage in return, Professor Xavier reached his breaking point. Using his telepathic abilities, he suppressed Magneto’s mind, but in the process, he absorbed the negative emotions and repressed feelings of vengeance, grief, and anger, leading to the birth of Onslaught.

It’s needles to say that Onslaught has powers of both Xavier and Magneto, but get this, he also has a portion of powers from former mutant boy wonder Franklin Richards. This means that Onslaught can do pretty much anything.


And that’s it. The most powerful mutants in Marvel comics. What do you think? Who would make your most powerful mutants list?

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