Could Bryce Dallas Howard Be the First Woman to Direct a ‘Star Wars’ Film? It’s More Likely Than You Might Think…


The Star Wars franchise has predominantly been male-dominated. While Kathleen Kennedy has been at its helm, the films have primarily been directed by men. However, female directors have begun to make their mark within the series. Amid the ongoing discussions around The Acolyte and its controversies, another name emerges: Bryce Dallas Howard, a renowned actress, and daughter of director Ron Howard. Howard has notably directed episodes of The Mandalorian, which garnered acclaim. This has sparked speculation among fans: Is it time for her to helm a Star Wars movie?

This question has lingered for some time. Howard seized her opportunity and proved herself capable. Now, it’s worth considering whether the time has come for a woman to take on a Star Wars film, and whether Bryce Dallas Howard is the ideal candidate for the role. Let’s delve into that possibility!

As the Star Wars franchise evolves, there’s a noticeable shift towards greater female representation, marking a positive change. Bryce Dallas Howard has notably excelled in her role, directing multiple acclaimed episodes of The Mandalorian, and slated to work on The Skeleton Crew series.

However, it’s been some time since Howard’s last involvement in the franchise. Recently, she was asked about her potential return and the prospect of directing a Star Wars feature film. Here’s what she shared:

“Well, I wish! So, what I’ll say is that I’m doing an episode of Skeleton Crew , which I’m super excited about. I went to college with Jon Watts and his writing partner in this, Chris Ford. And so, that was very exciting and getting to do that.

And I love…again, for the children in the audience, I’ll be mindful. I sometimes characterize myself in a professional sense as a dominant-submissive. What that means is that I’m very happy to go and play in someone else’s sandbox and be part of a team and to kind of be a vessel for someone else’s vision and try to kind of execute their vision with great enthusiasm as if it was my own. And then I also really love to work with a team and be kind of team captain. I enjoy that, I have strength in that area. I love filmmaking. I love directing. And so, I would absolutely love to direct a Star Wars film. I would absolutely love to have a Star Wars show.”

Source: Collider

There’s a possibility that Bryce Dallas Howard could direct a Star Wars feature, which is incredibly exciting. While nothing is confirmed yet, the upcoming Rey-focused movie could be a fitting opportunity for her involvement. If not, there are always future projects to consider.

If you’re eager to learn more about Howard’s potential project and other updates in the Star Wars universe, stay tuned with us!

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