Captain America vs. Loki: Who Would Win in a Fight?

captain america vs loki

Though supremely different in their ideals, Captain America and Loki are some of Marvel’s most iconic characters. Captain America is well known for his astute sense of good and evil and his desire to always do the right thing. On the other hand, Loki is commonly referred to as the God of Mischief, manipulating people and situations to fit his needs. That being said, one would wonder who would be the victor if the two ever met in a fight?

Loki would win in a fight against Captain America. This is because the God of Mischief is stronger, faster, more durable, and more intelligent than Captain America. It would, however, be a close call in Loki’s favor because Cap’s willpower wouldn’t allow him to give in even when Loki has the upper hand.

This article will compare Captain America and Loki’s powers and attributes, pitting the two against each other to determine who would best the other in battle. So stay tuned for all this as it’s guaranteed to be an immersive read.


One power that comes naturally to Loki thanks to his Frost Giant heritage is super strength. His strength is substantially superior to that of an average Asgardian and he can lift up to 50 tons. However, he can further augment his strength temporarily using mystical enhancement.

Unlike Thor or the Hulk, Loki doesn’t rely as much on his strength but this doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own against stronger opponents like Thor. He just believes brute strength isn’t something he needs to prevail, with him being a master manipulator and genius.

captain america lifting

Captain America on the other hand possesses what can only be described as peak human strength. The Super-Soldier Serum didn’t imbue him with superhuman powers, but rather enhanced his physiology to that of peak human conditioning. He is consistently able to lift 800 lbs. and bench pressing 1100 lbs. as a warm-up. Considering it’s only a warm-up, he arguably can push his body much further allowing him to lift much more.

Loki wins this round.

Point: Loki (1:0) Captain America


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Loki’s speed abilities aren’t at the level of a true speedster like Quicksilver. However, like all Asgardians and Frost Giants, Loki has a measure of superhuman speed that allows him to move much faster than an average human. This also grants him incredible agility and reflexes.

We briefly see Loki’s speed on display on-screen as he uses this attribute to battle Captain America to get the upper hand. He has also been shown to catch one of Hawkeye’s arrows in midair and he can quite likely catch a bullet if need be.

captain america speed

Thanks to his artificially enhanced physiology, Steve Rogers can move at speeds equal to those of the finest human athletes. This is evident in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger, where he chases down a German assassin in a car on foot! He can run at a sustained speed of 30 miles per hour which is incredible, to say the least. His agility and reflexes are amplified to the highest human potential.

On account of being faster, Loki wins this round.

Point: Loki (2:0) Captain America


Thanks to his physiology, Loki’s body tissues are roughly three times as dense as those of a human being. This gives him superhuman durability that is roughly equal to or likely eclipses that of an average Asgardian. However, Loki being a master of magic has on several occasions shown that he can further enhance this durability allowing him to withstand injuries that would be lethal to an average Asgardian.

He can withstand high caliber bullets, being tossed around by Hulk like a rag doll, falls from great heights, powerful impact forces, and exposure to extreme temperatures and powerful energy blasts. He’s been shown on several occasions durable enough to withstand energy blasts from Mandarin’s Rings and blows from the Hulk.

Thanks to the serum coursing through his veins, Cap possesses peak human durability. This means his durability is amplified to the highest human potential, making him incredibly resistant to injury. Throughout his existence, he has survived many forms of extensive punishment that would kill an ordinary human.

Loki is more durable than Cap, so he wins this round too.

Point: Loki (3:0) Captain America


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As the God of Mischief, it only makes sense that Loki has a genius-level intellect. He is an excellent battle strategist and a highly accomplished manipulator thanks to his incredible cunning which allows him to repeatedly regain the trust of Asgardians despite his numerous crimes. It also doesn’t hurt that he has a great deal of knowledge in the mystic arts.

Loki’s brilliant intellect is also evidenced by his knowledge of technology. For instance, he was able to create a machine to amplify Iceman’s powers, he created devices that could attach to the Twilight Sword and tap into its powers.

Steve Rogers also has enhanced intelligence. When he became the Super Soldier, every part of Cap’s brain was up-scaled granting him intelligence superior to that of an average human being. This particular attribute makes him a master strategist, granting him the title of one of Earth’s most formidable tacticians. He can make life-saving decisions in a fraction of a second. His intelligence is perhaps one of his most overlooked attributes but it has come in handy severally throughout his career.

Point: Loki (4:0) Captain America


To perform the powerful magic that we severally see him rely so much on, Loki possesses incredible willpower. This allows him to focus his sorcery skills making him a formidable opponent.

Loki strenght

On the other hand, Cap’s willpower is on a whole other level. Even in the face of the biggest adversities, Cap doesn’t know what it is to give up. We’ve seen him beat down several times but he never seems to yield. Even when battling beings supremely powerful than him, Cap never waivers. His famous utterance, “I can do this all day” just goes on to show his incredible strength of will.

In a fight with Loki, this particular attribute would be a huge advantage to Cap.

Point: Loki (4:1) Captain America

Captain America vs. Loki: Who’s the Victor?

In their own way, Cap and Loki are skilled individuals capable of incredible feats. A fight between the two characters would actually be quite close and not as outright as most people would believe. However, Loki would most likely win as his Frost Giant heritage grants him superhuman abilities while Cap’s Super-Soldier physiology only grants him peak human abilities.

Loki is stronger, faster, more durable, and more intelligent than Cap. However, Cap’s willpower would play a huge part in this fight because he simply wouldn’t give up even when beaten down completely. This makes the victor Loki, though it would likely be a close call. 

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