15 Most Feared & Strongest Captain Marvel Villains of All Time

captain Marvel enemies

Over the years there have been numerous individuals to take on the mantle of Captain Marvel, none more well-known and important as Carol Danvers. Throughout the publications, Carol has fought creatures, beings, and entities. As one of Marvel’s strongest heroes, she has held her own against various enemies. In saying that, some stick out more than others. I ask, do you know who they are? With that, we present to you the 15 most feared and powerful Captain Marvel enemies of all time.

1. Moonstone


Karla Sofen, or Moonstone, is a Doctor of Psychiatry who possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, flight, possesses molecular control, and gravity manipulation. Like Carol Danvers, her powers are Kree-based.

Not the original Moonstone, Karla Sofen actually stole the gem that gives her power from Lloyd Bloch. She was able to do this after using her know-how of Psychology to convince Lloyd that the Moonstone turned him into a monster. This, coupled with some gas, killed Bloch, and she ran off with the stone.

Over the years, Karla has undergone many transformations. One of her iterations saw her as Captain Marvel in Norman Osborn’s Avengers. No matter which form Karla takes, one thing remains the same…she is one of the most deadly Captain Marvel enemies of all time.

2. Rogue


With the X-Men property firmly back home at Marvel, there is no reason that Rogue shouldn’t be on this list. Rogue has the unusual mutation to temporarily “steal” the powers and memories of whomever she touches. Consequently, she inherits the ability to fly and gains superhuman strength and durability after touching the then-named Ms. Marvel.

This immediately sets up a love/hate sort of relationship between the two. The history between the two is long and well-documented. In the world of the X-Men, Rogue, and Captain Marvel, there may be no better time for the two franchises to meet.

3. Kree


Marvel’s use of the Kree in their various adaptations is well documented. From the appearance of the species in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Guardians of the Galaxy to the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie, the Kree are an important part of Marvel’s history.


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With the MCU set to explore the depths of space, the Kree could and would be a very interesting area to explore. The species has a rich history dating back to 1967, thereby giving them 51 years of stories to work from. The two, Captain Marvel and the Kree, are like peanut butter and jelly. It doesn’t hurt that Captain Marvel’s powers stemmed from her interaction with a Kree.

4. Thanos

thanos featured

Thanos is a no-brainer. With the snap of his fingers, Thanos obliterated half of the Universe at the end of ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ Shortly after the snap, the movie concluded with possibly the greatest cliffhanger in history…Nick Fury frantically calls out to Captain Marvel.

Thanos, with all his power, is one of the best Captain Marvel enemies of all time. Not only do the two have origins that begin outside of Earth, but they are also superpowered in a way that no beings should be.

When the two collide, worlds rattle. There are very few enemies that rival what these two are capable of. For that reason, Thanos makes the cut as one of the most feared Captain Marvel enemies.

5. Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark

Debuting in ‘Prince Namor’ #5, Tiger Shark was an Olympic-level swimmer named Todd Arliss. While attempting to save a drowning man, Todd is taken by a series of waves and crushed against the side of a ship. This results in Todd breaking his back.

Now a shadow of his former self and looking to be as he once was, Todd undergoes a procedure that mixes his DNA with both Namor and a Tiger Shark. The experiment imbues the now-called Tiger Shark with superhuman speed and strength. The drawback is that these powers take their strongest form underwater. While I don’t classify Tiger Shark as a high-ranking enemy of Captain Marvel, the two have come to battle on more than one occasion.

6. Deathbird


The sister to Lilandra of the Shi’ar Empire, Deathbird is a formidable foe. Often considered an enemy of the X-Men, Deathbird and Captain Marvel have gone toe-to-toe on several occasions.

Deathbird, as mentioned, is a member of the Shi’ar Empire. She possesses superhuman strength, heightened attributes, and talon-tipped wings that allow her to fly. During her time as a member of the Royal Family, she taught martial arts to Gladiator and was revered as the Empire’s best hand-to-hand fighter.

What makes Deathbird so scary is that she has no problem going into battle against the strongest and most powerful if it means that her plans will move forward. Due to this, upon her arrival on Earth, she immediately went to battle with Captain Marvel.

7. Puppet Master

Puppet Master

The MCU is famous for its introduction of obscure heroes and villains. If introduced, Puppet Master would be no exception.

Phillip Masters has the unique, although not too impressive, power to create puppets out of radioactive clay. While this may make you say, “So what?” understand that once the clay puppets are made, he can then control whomever they replicate.

Puppet Master is only as interesting as someone who makes puppets could be. However, when Marvel explores the full potential of his abilities, it is always interesting. Think about how it would look to see Black Panther battle Captain Marvel.


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8. M.O.D.O.K.


George Tarleton’s career and life were forever changed the day that he was chosen to become a bio-engineered living computer. Under the orders of his boss, the Scientist Supreme, Tarleton was put through experiments designed to delve into the mysteries that the Cosmic Cube held.

As a by-product of the experiments, Tarleton mutated. He literally became a giant head. However, through it, he gained superhuman intelligence and psionic powers. What makes M.O.D.O.K. so impressive, aside from his intelligence, is his look. He is unlike anything in the Marvel Universe.

As a critical member of A.I.M., M.O.D.O.K., and the Avengers, thereby Captain Marvel, has fought more times than is countable. He is one of the greatest Captain Marvel enemies…period.

9. Mystique


As a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Mystique was instrumental in the development of Rogue. In fact, as time went by, she trained Rogue and turned her into the most powerful and lethal member of the team. In one of their many battles with the Avengers, Rogue successfully steals the powers of Ms. Marvel. Unbeknownst to either Mystique or Rogue, she also stole her memories.

This moment was a turning point for Captain Marvel. Mystique is an integral part of Captain Marvel’s history. If not for her, one of the best storylines in Captain Marvel’s history may never have come to fruition.

10. Titannus


No different than Talos the Untamed, Titannus was a Skrull born without the ability to shapeshift. Like Captain America and the Super Soldier serum, Titannus underwent a similar transformation under the Super-Skrull program.

After the program, Titannus was given superhuman strength and the ability to heal from nearly any injury. Now, with absolute power, he left his Skrull homeland and landed on a planet. Once on the planet, he was quickly defeated and turned into a Gladiator for its King. Eventually, he escaped, killed the King, took over the planet, and began the successful invasion of other worlds.

What makes Titannus such a worthy adversary to Captain Marvel is not that he is strong or can instantly heal himself. Instead, what makes him a worthy adversary is that he is a Skrull.

11. The Brood

Captain Marvel at the hands of Brood

The Brood is not a single enemy but rather a group of extraterrestrial insectoid beings. They’re known for their parasitic nature, reproducing by implanting their eggs into the bodies of other species. Unfortunately for Carol Danvers, The Brood noticed the potential in her and actually managed to capture her. Due to her unique physiology, The Brood tortured and experimented on Captain Marvel, and during this “procedure,” they indirectly unlocked her first major power-up, the Binary Form.

12. Yon-Rogg

Yon Rogg

Yon-Rogg really had a beef to settle with the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell and at one point, he kidnapped Carol Danvers while her powers were still latent to get some form of twisted vengeance on him. So, he was directly responsible for Danvers turning into a superpowered being. Following Mar-Vell’s death, his relationship with Danvers was sour, and they often clashed. The same pattern was continued in the MCU as well.

13. Minn-Erva

Doctor Minn Erva

Minn-Erva is a Kree geneticist and a member of the Kree race. Even after the original plan had failed, Minn-Erva plotted how to improve the future prospects by attempting to create a stronger version of Kree. Doctor Minerva conducted experiments that ultimately failed, with the exception of a surviving subject named Ripley Ryan. Undeterred, Minn-Erva devised a plan to empower Ryan by using Captain Marvel’s powers.

Her plans suddenly changed when she discovered that Carol was half-Kree. She sabotaged her career and reputation by revealing that truth to the public in an attempt to turn Danvers against humans and get her closer to her Kree heritage.


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14. The Master of the World Eshu

The Master of the World Eshu

Eshu, also known as the Master of the World, is a 40,000-year-old caveman warrior who became an immortal world conqueror after being mutated by an alien Plodex ship. Awakened in Canada, he clashed with the Alpha Flight and, over time, expanded his conquest to become the Master of Weirdworld. He managed to land himself on this list because Captain Marvel usurped one of his plots to take over the Universe.

15. Ronan the Accuser

Ronan the Accuser

I guess you can say that Captain Marvel took over Ronan’s job currently in the comics, but their conflict goes long before that ever took place. Ronan and Captain Marvel clashed a long time ago when she first activated her powers. He considered her a threat to Kree security, and his ambitious nature makes him a natural enemy to Danvers.

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