Captain Atlas: Bio, Origin & History

Captain Atlas Origin

Real Name: Att-Lass

First Appearance: Quasar #9 (April, 1990)

Powers: As a member of the Kree, Captain Atlas possesses superhuman strength, superhuman Durability, and flight

Affiliation: Starforce

Did You Know? Captain Atlas appears in the MCU and is portrayed by Algenis Perez Soto.

A Little History

Captain Atlas grew up on the planet home to the Kree, Kree-Lar. At a very young age, he knew that he was destined to serve the Kree Empire in solidifying its spot as the dominant force in the galaxy. His unwavering commitment to making his species superior served him extremely well. When the time came, he enlisted in their Military Academy and quickly showed his superiority over his fellow classmates. As a result of his dedication, he became a Captain and was given control over the best ship in the Kree fleet, the Ramatam. 

As a newly appointed Captain, one of his first missions was to go to Earth and retrieve Minn-Erva. When he found her he instantly noticed that her abilities had been heightened more than most Kree. It wouldn’t take long for feelings to develop between he and Minn-Erva and together, the two began to decipher ways to make the Kree the most dominant race in the universe. Before they could act in any way, however, he first convinced her to use the Psyche Magnetron, the same device she used on herself and was used on Carol Danvers, to enhance his own abilities.

The two were set to leave Earth until they saw Quasar wearing what looked to be prototypes for the Nega Bands. For reference, the Nega Bands are the bracelets worn by Captain Marvell and use forces of the Negative Zone coupled with the wearers own psionic abilities to grant extraordinary powers. With them, the user is given increased physical strength, flight, the ability to manipulate energy, zero need for sleep, water, or food, increased invulnerability, teleportation and more.

Rather than facing Quasar, the two attempt to hire an agent of AIM to recreate the bands. Unfortunately, instead of recreating them, AIM sends an agent out to steal them from Quasar. Not only does Quasar easily Evra the agent, but he is also able to defeat Captain Atlas and Minn-Erva, who, by this time, had also decided to steal the bands. Captured, the two Kree were forced to take an Oath vowing to never again return to Earth.

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