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DC Chemo Origin
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Real Name: N/A

First Appearance: Showcase #39 (July – August, 1962)

Powers: Can regenerate loss limbs, expels highly hazardous material from his body and possesses both superhuman strength and durability.

Affiliation: Suicide Squad, Injustice League, The Society

Did You Know? Chemo is the by-product of multiple failed experiments.

A Little History

First appearing in Showcase #39 back in 1962, Chemo was the creation of Robert Kanigher, Mike Esposito, and Ross Andru. 

Before becoming a hideous monster, Chemo was nothing more than a series of failed experiments contained in a plastic tube. The failed experiments were a direct result of the semi-famous scientist, Ramsey Norton’s desire to end famine, cure illness, and solve most problems that have plagued humans since they came to be. Chemo came to life after Norton poured yet another failed experiment in the tube. This experiment, a growth formula designed to end famine through fruits and vegetables, actually caused a mutation in the container. 

Unaware of the trouble that loomed, an exhausted Norton decided to take a nap. While napping, the mixture of experiments grew to the shape of the container that they had been stored in…a human shape. Once the container was full, the concoction began to gurgle and Chemo came to life. 

Norton was awoken by the noise that the failed experiments were making but before he could react, the experiments, now dubbed Chemo, spewed hazardous chemicals. These chemicals immediately killed their creator. With no one to answer to, the chemicals left the laboratory and made their way to the city. 

Once in the city, Chemo continued to cause mayhem and reign down destruction. Luckily, Will Magnus’s team known as the Metal Men, were there and quickly put an end to Chemo’s afternoon walk. 

Or so they had thought. 

One of Chemo’s abilities allows him to regenerate if destroyed or harmed. As a result, Chemo returned over and over but was continually stopped by the Metal Men.

The character would appear time and again over the course of the next 60 years. The result, however, was always the same…he was defeated by whichever hero he squared off against. 

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