Top 10 Comic Book Superheroes That Live in New York


In 2009, Jay-Z famously sampled: “In New York, Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothin’ you can’t do, now you’re in New York…”And he couldn’t be more right. New York is the focal point of the East Coast, has a population bigger than some countries, has more major sports teams than many cities put together, and has some of the greatest superheroes in existence. With this being a comic-based website, it’s the latter that interests me.

It’s widely known that most Marvel superheroes actually reside in/hail from real-world cities…with New York being the home to many of them. In reality, I could create an entire New York list based on Marvel characters alone, where would be the fun in that? Instead, I’ve listed characters from all walks of comic books. But who are they? Good question. Here are the greatest superheroes that live in New York.

10. Iron Fist

Iron Fist

Unlike Luke Cage, (who almost made this list) Danny Rand doesn’t protect Harlem. Instead, he, along with a few other heroes, protects Manhattan. Danny Rand is the Immortal Iron Fist. He is the Guardian of Earth and K’un Lun. As such, is charged with keeping law and order across different realms.

To become the Iron Fist, Danny had to not only win a tournament with the best fighters around, but he also had to plunge his fist into the heart of a dragon. I don’t know about you but any hero capable of plunging his hand into a dragon is a pretty impressive hero.

9. Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange Comics

Of all the known superheroes that live in New York, only one calls Greenwich Village home. Of course, I refer to the one and only Dr. Strange. Stephen Strange is the premier magic user in Marvel. This is so much that when I did a magic users countdown a while back, he was my number one Marvel character. 


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Strange calls the Sanctum Sanctorum home and the Sanctum Sanctorum is the focal point for mystical energies that run through the Earth. Even though he’s capable of defeating any villain from Earth, he doesn’t spend his time doing so. This is because his enemies come from other realms and areas of the Multiverse. 

8. Daredevil

Yellow Daredevil

My brother would kill me if I didn’t put Daredevil on this list. Not only is he one of the coolest superheroes around, but he’s also one of my brother’s favorites. Daredevil is different from most other heroes in the sense that he lacks a sense. If that sounds confusing, understand that Daredevil does not have a sense of sight. As a way to compensate for this, all of his other senses have been heightened to well above normal human levels. 

But that isn’t what places him on this list. What makes Daredevil a lock for this list is that his fight is both on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen and in the Courtrooms.

7. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters IDW

Who you gonna call? One note of the iconic song will have you singing the Ghostbusters theme for days. The Ghostbusters do exactly what their name implies. Rather than fighting evil in the form of other people, the Ghostbusters fight evil in the form of ghosts, ghouls, and evil spirits.

The team is so popular that multiple movies (some better than others) have spawned, action figures have been created, lunchboxes have been made, and more. Even though they could call anywhere ghosts exist, The Ghostbusters are superheroes that live in New York.

6. Spawn

Spawn Movie

Before Spawn, Todd McFarlane was most known for his work on Spider-Man. Through the title, he became the rock-star equivalent of a comic books artist. At the height of his popularity, he and six others left their respective companies to start Image Comics. With the move, McFarlane became most known for Spawn.


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Spawn is the most successful and longestrunning independent comic book in history. He proved that independent comic characters have a place among mainstream comic characters. He is the reason that McFarlane was able to create an untouchable pop culture empire. And, more than any of these, he’s from New York.

5. Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Movie

Their story is fairly well-known. A quartet of close friends jump aboard a spaceship and head off into space. While in space, the ship is caught in a storm and bombarded with radiation. Once back on Earth, each learns that as a result of the radiation they now possess a unique set of powers.

The Fantastic Four call the Baxter Building home and the Baxter Building calls Manhattan home. Aside from perhaps the Avengers, the Fantastic Four are Marvel’s most famous team coming out of New York. The Fantastic Four has saved the city from invasion, helped keep it safe from petty criminals, and given Marvel Comics much-needed momentum in the Silver Age of Comics.

4. The Gargoyles

Gargoyles Disney

Although the show was very short-lived, The Gargoyles have permanently cemented themselves in the hearts of all who watched it when it originally aired. And why? Because the show was absolutely amazing. And why?

It took a group of Gargoyles from the Middle Ages and dropped them in modern-day New York City. Even better, under the light of the moon, The Gargoyles transformed from stone statues to living and breathing creatures. And better still, they don’t just hail from New York, their names are actually New York Burroughs.

3. Captain America

Captain America

Any list of superheroes that live in New York just isn’t complete without the inclusion of Captain America. Steve Rogers hails from Brooklyn and to this day, calls it home. As proof, during the epic Civil War movie, Steve Rogers proudly told Spider-Man that he comes from Brooklyn. Steve Rogers is the original Super Soldier.


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As the Super Soldier, he was the subject of an experiment that granted him just about every level of superhuman imaginable. He’s strong, quick, durable, and more. But that isn’t all. Steve can do more with a shield than I can do with a hockey stick. 

2. Spider-Man

Todd McFarlane and Spider-Man Inside

No matter which version of Spider-Man we are talking about (Peter Parker or Miles Morales) each are superheroes that live in New York. Yep, it’s true. Peter Parker lives in Queens and Miles Morales lives in Brooklyn.

Spider-Man is arguably Marvel’s most famous superhero…a point I’ve made time and again. He is the reason they became popular, he’s the reason they’ve made so many variations, and he’s the reason that Marvel would do anything to bring him back to their studio.


I’ve been talking a lot lately about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles … and for good reason. The Turtles have been monitoring New York City from underneath it for the better part of 30 years. They are the sworn enemy of The Shredder. And are one of the most interesting comic book creations … ever.

What makes the Turtles such a fearsome New York foursome is twofold. First, each has mastered a different weapon. Second, each has a very different personality and way of looking at problems.

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