Daredevil vs. Captain America: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Daredevil vs. Captain America Who Would Win in a Fight

Two of Marvel’s most beloved heroes, Daredevil and Captain America, are known for their exceptional fighting skills and unwavering determination. They have faced countless adversaries, defeated powerful villains, and saved the world numerous times. But what would happen if these two heroes were pitted against each other in a fight? Who would come out on top? This is exactly what we’re going to analyze today, so without further ado, when it comes to a battle between Captain America and Daredevil, who would win in a fight? 

Captain America would win in a fight against Daredevil. He is more durable and has superior fighting skills. The fight would, however, be extremely close as both Daredevil and Captain America are extremely well-matched when it comes to their physical abilities. It would ultimately come down to Steve’s experience in combat and his ability to overpower Daredevil in terms of raw strength. However, it’s important to note that Daredevil can easily bridge the gap when it comes to combat abilities with his extraordinary senses. 

Now that we’ve covered that Captain America would be victorious, it’s time to analyze our hypothetical fight to see why. We’re going to analyze the powers, abilities, strength, and combat abilities of both our heroes so you can see why we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Captain America doesn’t have any superpowers at his disposal except for his enhanced physiology that he gained via the use of the Super Soldier Serum. He doesn’t have any energy or magic-based abilities beyond most of his physical aspects, like speed, strength, and durability being highly improved compared to regular human beings. Captain America is far from being the most powerful Marvel superhero, but due to his experience and his brilliant tactical mind, he gets around just fine. 

Daredevil, on the other hand, was exposed to a radioactive isotope during a childhood accident that greatly improved his reflexes and senses, bringing them to a superhuman level. Matthew Murdock has a greatly enhanced sensory system that broadcasts much more information about his surrounding regarding all of his senses (except his sight) directly to his brain.

Daredevil enhanced senses

He is capable of perceiving things that regular humans (or other superheroes) are not able to experience. He has superhuman touch, smell, and hearing, allowing him to function perfectly even without sight. He is impervious to illusions and other types of visual manipulation, and his sonar and radar sense allows him to locate and identify objects around him without his sight. He likewise demonstrated some limited ability to communicate via telepathy. 

Since Captain America, beyond physical enhancements, doesn’t have any special powers and abilities, this point goes to Daredevil. 

Points: Daredevil (1:0) Captain America


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Strength and Stamina 

Enhanced with Super Soldier Serum, Captain America can lift up to 1200 lbs. This is naturally his peak strength, as he can consistently lift around 800 lbs. Captain America operates in peak human condition, which means that he is capable of feats that regular humans are not capable of. His stamina is likewise greatly enhanced as his superhuman physiology efficiently eliminates excess fatigue toxins. This allows him to fight and exert himself far longer than he would otherwise be capable of. Captain America demonstrated that he could survive harsh environments to a limited extent with greater ability than a regular human. 

Captain America Stops elevator with his shield

Daredevil can lift up to 450 lbs, considered peak human form, but it doesn’t come even close to what Captain America can lift or the force he can exert while punching. Daredevil has increased stamina due to the masterful control of his nervous system, and he can punish his body repeatedly for longer than the average human could. However, what he lacks is an efficient way to neutralize fatigue, as Captain America can. 

Daredevil streght

Captain America is stronger and has greater stamina reserves, so he could pack a stronger punch and last longer in a battle. This point goes to Steve Rogers. 

Points: Daredevil (1:1) Captain America


Captain America is capable of achieving peak human speed. He can run 30 miles per hour, which is paired with his vastly enhanced reflexes compared to regular humans. He is extremely agile, and his reaction times are ten times greater than a normal person’s. He is fast enough to dodge gunfire, and the fastest swings aimed in his direction.

Captain America speed

Daredevil speed was never explicitly stated, but he is faster than an Olympic-level athlete. Like Captain America, he is highly agile and can dodge bullets and most opponents in fights. He has superior balance, and his additional senses give him superior reaction times and lightning-fast reflexes. 

Daredevil Speed

When it comes to speed, reflexes, and agility, Captain America and Daredevil are equally fast. 

Points: Daredevil (2:2) Captain America


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Steve Rogers has enhanced durability, the greatest testament to this is the fact that he can survive some injuries that would severely cripple a regular human being or even kill him. His immune system and metabolism operate at peak efficiency, unseen in regular human beings, which allows him to heal extremely fast when injured. He is likewise resistant to diseases and toxins. 

Captain America lands on a car

Daredevil can endure severe punishment, but his increased tolerance for pain doesn’t mean that injuries cannot severely hurt him or cripple him. Captain America is more durable due to his physiology, which means that he would have an advantage in straight-out combat. 

Points: Daredevil (2:3) Captain America


Super Soldier Serum gave Steve Rogers peak human mental processing. He can process information extremely fast, faster than regular human beings. Allegedly, Captain America can master any weapon in a matter of seconds. Thanks to his eidetic/photographic memory and perfect recall, he never forgets anything he sees or experiences. He can intuitively understand what’s likely to happen and how to deal with it due to his ability to speed read. As a result, he is able to apply any military tactic he remembers to any situation.


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Murdock is a highly skilled lawyer who specializes in criminal justice and has a successful law practice that is a source of both emotional stability and strength in his war on crime. Due to this, it is evident that Daredevil is quite smart, his lawyer experience wouldn’t do him much good in a direct fight, but it allows him to come up with brilliant strategies in order to take down his opponents. 

Both Captain America and Daredevil are smart, but Steve Rogers would have an edge due to his extensive military experience. 

Points: Daredevil (2:4) Captain America

Combat Skills 

Captain America is among the greatest fighters in the Marvel Universe. He is a master in almost all forms of combat, including martial arts. This is due to his long and extensive military experience, enhanced senses, and physical abilities. While fighting, Captain America utilizes boxing, Judo, Defendu, kickboxing, Jujutsu, Tōde, Aikido, Karate, and various other unarmed combat disciplines. Captain America trained most of the Avengers, and his experience and tactical skills make him a paralleled opponent in most forms of combat. 

Captain America combat

Daredevil is a highly skilled boxer and has extensive training in the ninja arts, which includes valuable fighting techniques and control of life energy (chi/ki). He is knowledgeable in the human body’s functioning and martial arts techniques that target pressure points, allowing him to disable limbs or induce pain. Murdock’s fighting style is a harmonious fusion of various martial arts, including boxing, ninjutsu, Jiu-jitsu, and wrestling. 

Daredevil combat

Both Daredevil and Captain America are among the finest hand-to-hand fighters in Marvel Comics, but Captain America is better due to his predisposition to be a formidable fighter and his experience. 

Points: Daredevil (2:5) Captain America

Daredevil vs. Captain America: who is stronger and who wins? 

Captain America would win against Daredevil. No matter how many extra senses Daredevil has, he cannot compete with Rogers’ skills, peak physical state, and raw strength. Both of them are evenly matched, and it wouldn’t be an easy fight by any means. Still, Captain America would ultimately outlast Daredevil due to his greater stamina reserves and his greater durability. 

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