15 Strongest Versions of Captain America (Ranked)

captain america versions

Captain America has long been one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, as he has always been a symbol not only of America but also of virtues such as bravery, selflessness, valor, and honor. In that regard, there are a lot of different fans of the character, as he has always been someone who stood up for what’s right while protecting the weak and defenseless. This is why there is no doubt that he is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time.

Of course, considering that Captain America has been around for a very long time, he has a lot of different versions from different universes and timelines. His other versions also come from his own universe but were able to inherit the Captain America mantle. In that regard, we are here to look at the strongest versions of Captain America that Marvel Comics has shown in the comics.

15. Captain Colonies


Even though he isn’t technically Captain America, Captain Colonies is a powerful version of the character and comes from an alternate universe where he belongs to a multiversal group of heroes called the Captain Britain Corps, which is essentially similar to how the Green Lantern Corps function. In that regard, this group is composed of different Captain Britains from different multiverses.

We aren’t quite familiar with the powers of Captain Colonies, but we do know that he is a powerful Captain American from a different universe. The only reason why he isn’t higher up on this list is the fact that he isn’t as well-known and as accomplished as the other versions of Captain America in the world of Marvel Comics.

14. John Walker


Those who watched The Falcon and the Winer Soldier on Disney+ would be familiar with the MCU version of John Walker, as he was the one who was given the title of Captain America as well as the shield after Steve Rogers retired and when Sam Wilson initially rejected the honor of being the next Captain America. Of course, this character has roots that can be traced to the comics.


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In the comics, John Walker was initially a villainous version of Captain America but eventually became Steve Rogers’ replacement after the OG walked away from his role. Walker was different from Rogers because he was far more violent and wasn’t exactly someone that could embody the values that Captain America upheld during Steve Rogers’ time. He was eventually reformed to a character named US Agent after Rogers returned to his role.

13. Ultimate Captain America


Ultimate Captain America is the version of Steve Rogers from the Ultimate Comics line of Marvel. In that regard, this version is actually from Earth-1610 and is a different version from the classic 616 Cap that we know. And that’s because, while this Steve Rogers is stronger, he is much more violent and militant.

The reason why Ultimate Captain America is stronger is due to the fact that he was exposed to a better version of the super-soldier serum that gave him superhuman physical capabilities instead of peak-human strength. However, while he may be stronger, he doesn’t have the values that have always allowed Steve Rogers to become stronger than he actually was.

12. Peggy Carter


In the MCU, Peggy Carter is not Captain America but is actually Captain Britain, as she exists in a different universe. However, in the comics, she carried the Captain America title. She was first introduced in the comic book series called Exiles, which is about a group of heroes that have the ability to jump from one dimension to another. In that reality, Steve Rogers and Dr. Erskine were killed, and that was the reason why Peggy decided to take the experimental serum.

As Captain America, Peggy Carter had all of the qualities and physical capabilities of Steve Rogers. That means that she is just as strong as the OG version of Captain America. The only problem is that she didn’t have the same kind of feats that Steve Rogers has had due to the fact that her run in the comics was quite limited.

11. Earth X


Earth X is a dystopian version of the Marvel Comics universe and was able to showcase a darker version of the characters, including Steve Rogers himself, who struggled in this different reality. In this reality, everyone on the planet gained superpowers, and that’s one of the reasons why Captain America struggled. But he was still the heroic version of the character, albeit with decisions that were quite questionable.

The Earth X version of Captain America was old and tired, and that led him to kill Red Skull. However, he ended up sacrificing himself to save Mar-Vell, who we know is the original Captain Marvel. Then again, because this is a dystopian universe, Cap was resurrected and became a blue-skinned angel-like character.

10. Danielle Cage


As the name suggests, Danielle Cage is the daughter of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. In fact, she became the Captain America of an alternate future where Ultron is basically the big bad enemy that she needed to defeat. Of course, she was also named after Danny Rand, who is a good friend of Jessica and Luke.

In her dystopian reality, she was mentored by her own universe’s version of Black Widow, and that’s why she is a very skilled fighter. She also inherited some of the qualities that her parents had. Danielle Cage eventually fought alongside the 616 version of the Avengers but ultimately returned to her own timeline, where she became one of the leaders of the US Avengers.

9. Isiah Bradley

Isaiah Bradley .jpg

Those who saw The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would be familiar with Isiah Bradley because he was actually the Captain America that the US employed right after Steve Rogers disappeared. However, he was someone who was overused by the US government and was basically treated as a slave due without even giving him the kind of recognition that he deserved. And the only reason why he was mistreated was because of the color of his skin.

In the comics, Isiah Bradley was the focus of the series called Truth: Red, White, & Black, which allowed us to see how Bradley’s history in the comics isn’t too different from his history in the MCU. He was basically a test subject for an experimental version of the super-soldier serum as he gained the powers of Steve Rogers at a great cost. The effects of the serum left him with physical and mental problems due to the fact that it wasn’t the same as the actual serum used on Rogers.

8. Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes Captain America

We all know Bucky Barnes as the best friend of Steve Rogers and as the former villain called the Winter Soldier. In the MCU, neither he nor Steve ever thought that he was worthy of the shield despite the fact that his strength and skills rivaled his best friend’s own prowess. However, in the comics, he actually became worthy of the shield because he took over as Captain America during the 2000s.

After his rehabilitation from being the mind-controlled Winter Soldier, Bucky took on the title of Captain America after Steve was assassinated following the events of the Civil War. In that regard, he continued to carry this role until the Secret Invasion storyline in the comics before returning the shield to his best friend upon Steve’s return.

7. Sam Wilson

sam wilson

In the MCU, Sam Wilson is the current Captain America as he finally decided to accept the shield that Steve Rogers personally passed onto him. However, he initially rejected it because he thought that being Captain America was too much of a responsibility to live up to due to the fact that Steve Rogers had a legacy that no one could ever match. Still, he eventually decided to carry the shield when he realized that he needed to be a symbol for the country.


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Meanwhile, in the comics, Sam Wilson became Captain America on a few occasions as he took on the role in the 90s during the Sentinel of Liberty series, where Rogers apparently died. Then, in the 2010s, he became Captain America once more after Rogers became an old man when the effects of the serum wore off. Of course, Sam is a strong version of the character due to the fact that he is adept at using his falcon wings and is also a great fighter, despite the fact that he never received the same enhancements as Steve Rogers.

6. Secret Empire


Secret Empire Steve Rogers is actually one of the strongest versions of Captain America to appear in the comics in recent years, as he is an evil version of the character. This was a version that was created by the living cosmic cube when it attempted to rewrite history and turn Steve Rogers into a leader of Hydra, which was always an organization that he attempted to destroy.

In that regard, he ended up leading an attack that sealed the entire planet off from some of its strongest protectors. He also ended up leaving some of the heroes of the Marvel universe to fight the forces of Hydra that he led throughout that storyline. Of course, this version of Rogers is popular for surprising fans with the “Hail Hydra” line in the comics.

5. Steve Rogers 616


Nothing can beat the original, as the Earth-616 version of Steve Rogers has always been one of the strongest and most iconic versions of the character. Of course, he isn’t only the most iconic Captain America but is also one of the most iconic comic book characters ever created. And he also has some of the greatest feats that the character has ever had.

While 616 Steve Rogers is far from the strength levels of Thor and the Hulk, it was always his leadership and the indomitable will that allowed him to become one of the most iconic leaders of the Avengers. Of course, at one point in time, he wielded Mjolnir due to the fact that he was indeed worthy of the powers of Thor due to how pure his heart always was.

4. Vampire


Of course, there has to be a vampire version of Captain America, as there are also vampire versions of other Marvel characters as well. Not a lot of readers are aware that this version exists, but he lived on Earth-3931, where the members of the Avengers were infected by Baron Blood and were turned into vampires.

Thanks to his vampire physiology, this version of Captain America is stronger than ever and has a thirst for blood. However, he was defeated by Mimic, who used Wolverine’s claws to take his head off. Meanwhile, the other vampire members of the Avengers were all killed by Sunfire’s powerful abilities.

3. Kiyoshi Morales


Otherwise known as Commander A, Kiyoshi Morales is one of the most unique versions of Captain America and is a combination of different ethnicities, including Latino, African-American, Native American, and Japanese. In that regard, he is a very unique character that is also quite powerful.

Kiyoshi Morales appeared in the limited series called Captain America Corps, where he was one of the future versions of Captain America. He is also a descendant of Luke Cage, and that means that he is very powerful. And instead of using a Vibranium shield, he uses two energy-based shields that are quite potent in terms of their offensive and defensive capabilities. 

2. MCU


The MCU version of Captain America is the one that non-comic book readers are familiar with because he is the one who is shown on the big screen. Portrayed perfectly by Chris Evans, MCU Steve Rogers is basically the same as Earth-616 Steve Rogers in almost every facet imaginable. That means that he has all of the original Captain America’s qualities and traits.


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While MCU Captain America isn’t as strong as the other powerhouses of the MCU, he proved himself as one of the most selfless individuals when he became worthy of Mjolnir, which he used effectively against Thanos during the events of Avengers: Endgame. Who could ever forget the scene wherein he was alone as he stood in front of Thanos and his entire army before the rest of the Avengers and their allies arrived? His iconic line “Avengers, assemble” still leaves goosebumps.

1. Soldier Supreme

soldier supreme

What happens if you cross Captain America with Doctor Strange? Well, you’ll get the Soldier Supreme version of Captain America, which combines all of the great qualities that these superheroes have. This version of Captain America exists in the Infinity Warps universe, as Steve Rogers merged with Steven Strange to become the Soldier Supreme.

In that regard, he has the enhanced strength and physical qualities of Captain America and all of the powerful mystical abilities that Doctor Strange has. He has the best of both worlds because he can use his strength and military training when fighting in close combat and his mysticism when fighting enemies from a distance. It’s like combining a knight with a mage in a role-playing video game. What could be better than this combination?

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