Darkseid’s Daughter Grail: Everything You Need to Know

Darkseids Daughter Grail Everything You Need To Know

Darkseid, one of the most iconic villains in the DC Universe, is feared and revered by many for his immense power and cruelty. But did you know that he has a daughter? Her name is Grail, and she is a formidable adversary in her own right. Grail is a character who debuted in the DC Comics series Justice League Vol 2 #40 in 2015 and has since become a fan favorite due to her unique backstory and powerful abilities. In this article, we will delve into everything you need to know about Grail, from her origin story to her abilities and impact on the DC Universe. So buckle up because we’re about to take a deep dive into the world of Darkseid’s daughter Grail.

Who is Grail’s mother? 

Before we start analyzing Grail, we need to uncover the mystery of her birth. The mother of Darkseid’s daughter Grail is Amazonian assassin Myrina. Myrina was a loyal servant of Amazonian society, a keeper of the sacred duty to stop the Dark God from coming. Over time, Amazonians grew lazy regarding their duties as protectors of sacred knowledge, and their duty was forgotten and almost nearly abandoned. This angered Myrina, and she decided to seek the prophecied Dark God and did something drastic. She conceived his child, which should be strong enough to defeat him when the time comes. 


Myrina hid her pregnancy from the rest of the Amazons. Only a small number of the women from the island knew she was carrying a child and Darkseid’s child at that. When she gave birth, one of the Amazons that assisted her, Menalippe, saw that Grail would be the one to bring doom to them all. 


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Myrina tried to explain that Grail would be the one to defeat Darkseid, but she was eventually forced to flee Themyscira and raise Grail in harsh conditions. 

Grail was conceived to defeat her own father 

The story of the Grail’s conception was not one of love but of hate and necessity. Myrina was aware that only the offspring of Darkseid would have enough strength and power to defeat him, and she also knew that child was destined to find the “Anti-God” whose help was needed to put a stop to Darkseid. Grail lived up to her purpose as she employed numerous tactics, mostly horrific, to summon Anti-Monitor and put a stop to her father. Due to this, she clashed with Justice League often. 

Grail was strong enough to defeat most members of the Justice League….at the same time 

In Justice League Vol 2 #40, Grail used a dimensional portal to teleport herself to Earth to find an artifact powerful enough that will provide her with enough energy to summon Anti-Monitor to their world. Justice League was immediately alarmed, but they couldn’t figure out who she was until it was too late. Grail faced Cyborg, Green Lanter, Wonder Woman, and Shazam and made quick work of them, defeating them with relative ease. Even Wonder Woman, who shares half of her physiology, was not strong enough to face her lasso completely without effect on her. 

Grail vs. Shazam

Power’s Ring might was likewise insufficient to deal with this otherwordly intruder. After Metron appeared in the middle of the fight to teleport Justice League away from Grail, who was ready to kill them at this point, she summoned both Darkseid and used the Power Ring to summon Anti-Monitor to Earth. 

Darkseid’s daughter Grail inherited the best of both worlds, having godlike powers and Amazonian physiology

Grail is both New God and Amazonian, meaning she inherited power physiology and deadly magic-related powers. She has superhuman strength that allows her to go head-to-head with the most capable members of the Justice League. She also has superhuman speed, durability, and stamina, making her nearly untouchable in combat. She is immortal and a capable hand-to-hand fighter, as she defeated both Wonder Woman and Batman with her lightning-fast reflexes. 

Grail vs Wonder Woman
Grail has Omega Beams like her father

The most interesting part of Grail’s powers, however, is her ability to detect extremely rare but powerful devices called “Mother Boxes,” this is an ability that came in handy when she was trying to detect a power source potent enough to power her schemes of summoning Anti-Monitor to Earth. Like her father, Darkseid, Grail has the ability to fire Omega beams. She is also capable of resurrection and wielding powerful forms of magic. 

Grail wielded Anti-Life Equation 

After Darkseid’s defeat with the combined efforts of Anti-Monitor, Grail, and Black Racer, Anti-Monitor managed to expel Anti-Life Equation from him. Grail quickly took the opportunity to size the powerful force for herself, surprising even her mother with her vicious goals. Grail is a character who seeks to revive her father, Darkseid, and turns Steve Trevor into her mind slave by fusing him with the Anti-Life Equation. She orders Steve to destroy Mobius and then the Justice League, and later kills Superwoman and takes her child to steal the powers of the surrounding gods and retrieve the Anti-Life Equation.

Grail as Anti Life Goddess

When Darkseid is revived, Grail tries to help him destroy the Justice League but is stopped by the Female Furies. Diana and her mother restrain Grail and ask her to open her eyes to stop her rage, which she does, firing her beams through her mother to strike Darkseid and separate him from the Equation, returning him to his infant state.


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This is not where Grail’s evil stops; however, she has much bigger plans to turn her father into her thrall. Grail turns to use the life force of various children of Zeus to speed up the maturation of her father. She seeks out and kills Hercules, draining his life force using a Motherbox before feeding it to Darkseid, aging him into a teenager. However, Darkseid tells her they will have to try to kill the Olympian’s many children on Earth faster since even Hercules’ power is not enough to fully restore him.

And there you have it, a complete history of Darkseid’s daughter Grail. As you can see, she is almost as vicious (and powerful) as her father. 

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