Darth Nihilus: Bio, Origin & History

Darth Nihilus
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Real Name: Unknown

Powers: Sith Jedi

Affiliation: Sith

Enemies: Jedi, All Those Who Live

Love Interests: N/A

Did You Know: In his most powerful form, Darth Nihilus was simply utilizing the Force to keep a fully formed body appearance intact.

A Little History

Nihilus is known as the Lord of Hunger due to his constant need to “feed” on the Force Energy of living things.

A survivor of the Mandalorian Wars, very little is known about the man who would become Darth Nihilus. What we do know is that he has a hatred that is rivaled by few and that unlike other Sith Lords, Nihilus was consumed by the Force. Darth Nihilus is known as a wound in the Force, or in simpler terms, a disastrous disturbance within the Force.

Darth Nihilus was one of Darth Traya’s (Darth Sion being the other) apprentices. She convinced him that she could train him so that he may be able to easily feed on entire planets. No different than many other Sith apprentices, the two eventually betrayed their master and cut off her connection to the Force. Now free from his master, a planet known as Miraluka called the attention of Nihilus. He was immediately drawn to it due to its strong connection to the Force and that it housed a Jedi enclave. Upon his arrival, he quickly began feeding and draining the energy from all life forms on the planet. That is, he fed on all forms of life with the exception of Visas Marr.

Shortly thereafter, Marr became the apprentice to Nihilus.

The need to feed

The two, along with Darth Sion, traveled the galaxy in search of Jedi to slay and Force energy to feed upon. Learning of a Jedi Exile, Nihilus sent his new apprentice to find the exile. What he didn’t foresee was that after finding the exile, Marr left her master and joined the Jedi.

As Nihilus continued his path of destruction it became apparent that hunger and link to the Dark Side had caused his body to begin to decay. Seeing what was happening, the Sith Lord removed his spirit from his body and placed it into his armor. This, of course, allowed the Dark Side to continue to devour his body without destroying who or what he was.

Now without an apprentice, Nihilus turned his attention to the planet Telos. Telos, as he had been informed by his old master Darth Traya, had an overabundance of Force Energy for him to feed on. As he arrived, he quickly learned this to be untrue but proceeded with his attempt to feed anyway. While feeding, he was interrupted by Visas Marr, the Jedi Exile, and some Mandalorians. Due to his weakened and famished state, he was easily defeated by the party.

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