Daughters of Liberty Reportedly Coming to the MCU

Daughters of liberty to be included in the MCU

MCU is currently in its Multiversal phase, and judging by the slate of upcoming projects, there is a lot of content to be excited about. One peculiar thing about upcoming projects is the fact that a great emphasis will be put on various teams. So far, fans have primarily been following the adventures of Avengers, but this is about to change since X-Men, Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts, and Midnight Sons are all either confirmed or rumored to be included in the MCU. 

According to the MyTimeToShine leaker, and previously DanielPRK, Marvel Studios planned to include one more superhero team into the MCU under the name Daughters of Liberty. A project focusing on an all-female superhero team was planned before the strikes uprooted the entire development schedule and put many other projects under question. 

The Daughters of Liberty track their beginnings to the American colonies, trained in combat magic by Agatha Harkness and science by the Dryad. Committed to safeguarding freedom and guiding humanity responsibly, they included historical figures like Harriet Tubman. In the mid-20th century, Peggy Carter joined, mentored by Alexa Volkoff. Carter’s initial mission was to protect the Super-Soldier Serum from falling into the wrong hands, leading to a love affair with Captain America. She later became the Dryad. In the modern era, Daughters rallied to clear Captain America’s name after he was framed for murder by Thaddeus Ross. 


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As you can see, Daughters of Liberty would be connected to other characters that would prove important in the next few phases, such as Agatha Harkness getting her own standalone show and Thunderbolt Ross, although it’s quite doubtful that their inclusion would stick to their comic book origin story. 

In any case, fans are skeptical about this inclusion due to the fact that MCU is already filled with characters that either aren’t properly handled or their importance to the overall Marvel Lore is grossly overstated. Nothing about the project regarding Daughters of Liberty has been confirmed from the official sources, and there’s also the rumor that Feige plans to reboot the MCU, “keeping what works and getting rid of what doesn’t.” 

In any case, it would have been a good idea. 

Would you like to see Daughters of Liberty in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below!

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