Dave Filoni Weighs in on Star Wars Canon: “We Might Make Changes to It Out of the Medium, Out of the Bias”


After The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, the Expanded Universe was rebranded as “Legends.” The term “canon” was then reserved for George Lucas’ six movies, the seasons of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” he developed, and all movies, TV series, novels, comics, toys, and video games created by Lucasfilm after the acquisition, including the Sequel Trilogy.

This angered a lot of the fans, and all subsequent projects developed as a part of Disney’s Star Wars have met some form of backlash regarding its canonicity.

The debate of “canon” is nowadays more heated than ever, especially with the recent release of ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ which offered controversial takes on some of the established terms in the franchise. Luckily, Dave Feloni recently gave his take on the canon on the WGAW podcast:

“I tend to look at it a little bit like Arthurian tales to be honest, and how depending on what version you’re reading and translation, they can be wildly different. But Arthur’s usually Arthur and does the things he’s supposed to do, those things remain true. And that’s very much folk tale and fairy tale type of ideology. If we tell a story in animation, or if it’s in a comic, and then we bring it to the screen in a different way, we might make changes to it out of the medium, out of the bias of the person making it, but it should still maintain the heart and the important moments of what people liked about that story.”

What Filoni is trying to say (in my opinion) is that while the destination should always remain the same, the journey can be widely different based on who is retelling it and in which form you are retelling it. I have no doubt that this will stir further debate since this makes the “established canon” a lot more fluid than what some portion of the fandom would have liked.

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