DC ‘Lanterns’: Fan Art Depicts Alan Ritchson as Guy Gardner

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A live-action TV show about Green Lantern Corps had been in development for a few years before James Gunn took over DC Studios. Some initial cast members were hired back in 2021, but earlier this year, DC Studios’ co-CEO James Gunn announced a redevelopment of the series for the upcoming DC Universe, a new cinematic universe that serves as the soft-reboot of the soon-to-end DC Extended Universe.

Finn Wittrock was initially cast as Guy Gardner, one of the top members of the Green Lantern Corps. But now, with the redevelopment of the series, the initial project was canceled, and the casting process for a new series will start again. We’re basically talking about the reboot of a series that never happened. The initial project was intended to focus on multiple Green Lanterns, while the new series is set to focus on John Stewart and Hal Jordan.

One DC Fan imagined the former Titans and Smallville star as Guy Gardner!

James Gunn announced that a new series, officially titled ‘Lanterns,’ will focus on John Stewart and Hal Jordan in a series that is “almost like True Detective with a couple of Green Lanterns who are space cops.” However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t expect some other Green Lanterns since we know the source material is full of them.

While Guy Gardner won’t be the main character in the upcoming series, one DC fan named StefanMorse on Reddit made a fan art in which he imagined Alan Ritchson in the role. Ritchson isn’t an unknown face for DC fans. He starred as Aquaman in four episodes of the ‘Smallville’ series between 2005 and 2010, and he also played Hank Hall, aka Hawk, in the first three seasons of DC Titans.

Alan Ritchson As Guy Gardner For HBO’s Lanterns Made By Me.
by u/StefanMorse in DC_Cinematic


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Green Lantern is the name of several superheroes in the DC canon. The original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, was created by Martin Nodell and Bill Finger and first appeared in ‘All-American’ Comics in July 1940. John Broome and Gil Kane created Hal Jordan, which first appeared in ‘Showcase #22’ in October 1959, while John Stewart was created by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams in 1971. Other known Green Lanterns include Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz, and Sojourner Mullein.

‘The Lanterns’ series will be set in DCU’s Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. James Gunn announced that movies and TV shows would be connected, and the stories from movies would flow into TV shows and vice-versa. Gunn promised us one big story and many individual stories over multiple DCU projects. ‘The Lanterns’ series is still in early development, and there’s no telling when it will premiere.

Who do you think would be better Guy Gardner? Finn Wittrock or Alan Ritchson?

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