DC’s Superman Legacy: Potential Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

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It’s been ten years since we saw the last solo movie with the most famous superhero of all time. Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was released in 2013 and started what was to be the DC Extended Universe. Unfortunately, the DCEU suffered a bad fate after Batman V Superman underperformed at the box office, and Justice League was crippled after a change of directors and studio interference.

Zack Snyder managed to release his cut of Justice League, but despite the fans’ claims, WB didn’t want to continue his story, which was supposed to continue in Justice League 2 and the Batman solo movie starring Ben Affleck. But, the Justice League sequel was scrapped, and the Batman solo movie was given to Matt Reeves, who rebooted the Batman franchise (separated from the DCEU) with Robert Pattinson in the main role. That movie received positive reviews, and the sequel is set to be released in 2025.

Who will star in Superman: Legacy?

Man of Steel starred Henry Cavill, who is the fan-favorite actor for that role. Although the fans wanted him to continue playing the role, Cavill announced his exit from the franchise last year (although he announced a comeback a few weeks prior). James Gunn and Peter Safran decided to completely reboot the character in their DCU. Gunn announced they will look for a younger actor to play the role in this movie and in future DCU projects. It’s interesting that there are absolutely no indications or rumors about who that could be.

For comparison, for Bond, we all have a dozen candidates and still no official confirmation. Robert Pattinson was also mentioned a lot as the new Batman before he was officially cast for the role (although he will not be DCU’s Batman). Who will the next Superman be? No clue. Considering that the movie is set to be released in only two and a half years and it’s still in pre-production, we suspect that Gunn already has a candidate for the role. We can’t wait to find out who that will be. And we can’t wait for fans’ reactions to that casting as well.


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What will Superman: Legacy be about, and who is writing and directing it?

From what James Gunn has revealed so far, Superman: Legacy will feature a younger Clark Kent as he tries to balance his life as Superman with his life as a reporter for the Daily Planet. Yeah, we know, it sounds pretty simple for a Superman movie.

Gunn said he’s currently developing the script, which confirms him as the writer, but there’s no word on who will be directing. Peter Safran said he hopes Gunn will direct the film himself, but a director has not yet been officially chosen.

When will Superman: Legacy be released?

James Gunn announced that Superman: Legacy will be released on July 11, 2025. Only two months after Marvel releases Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and three months before Matt Reeves’ The Batman – Part II release. What a year that will be!

The first Superman movie was released in 1978, starring Christopher Reeve and directed by Richard Donner. The movie was followed by four sequels, but despite the strong start, the franchise was getting worse with every next movie. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace was panned by both critics and fans alike.

The Superman franchise was put on hold until Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh, in 2006. Despite the recast, Returns was still part of the original Superman franchise (Routh played the same Superman as Reeve did). Still, the sequel set to arrive in 2009 was canceled, and the franchise was rebooted again in 2013 with Zack Snyder as the director and Henry Cavill playing the main role. We know how that finished now, so Superman is now getting another reboot. Let’s hope this one will work out better.

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