‘Deadpool 3’ Might Be the Only MCU Movie Released Next Year According to Rumors

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2023 wasn’t all that good for Marvel Studios at all. ‘Quantumania’ was met with mixed reviews and less-than-favorable box office results. This was somewhat remedied with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’, which both the critics and fans enjoyed and deemed a satisfactory end to the trilogy. Then the cinematic year concluded with ‘The Marvels, ‘ one of the most expensive movies in the MCU, which broke several unflattering records, including the lowest-grossing movie in MCU history and the biggest 2nd-week drop. 

Those shocking numbers apparently made the studio rethink its strategy. According to the rumors, ‘Deadpool 3’ might be the only MCU movie to get released next year due to the studio being confident that the movie might re-awaken some excitement and hype into the franchise, as well as earn a decent amount at the box office. 

But reputable leaker and scooper Daniel Richtman also claim that ‘Deadpool 3’ is now deemed to be among the most important movies in Multiverse Saga and to set up some serious groundwork for ‘Avengers: Secret Wars.’ 

A whole slate of movies was scheduled to be released in 2024. Most were re-scheduled following the historic SAG-AFTRA strikes. At one point, ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ switched the dates with ‘Deadpool 3’ but if the rumors are true, Sam Wilson’s first cinematic outing as Captain America won’t happen in 2024 after all.

There were also some reports that the movie has gone extensive reshoots due to the unsatisfactory action scenes, especially when compared to previous Captain America movies, so that might be a part of the reason why it won’t be released next year after all. 


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‘Deadpool 3’ was 50 % done before the strikes began, and filming officially resumed a few days ago. The movie promised to deliver just enough action and nostalgia by incorporating some former X-Men villains and characters; the movie is also an important one due to Deadpool officially becoming part of the MCU. 

When it comes to ‘Avengers: Secret Wars,’ there is an increasing amount of rumors that point in the direction that Kang might be abandoned as the main villain and replaced by Doctor Doom. In any case, we will see everything on July 24, 2024, when ‘Deadpool 3’ is released in cinemas. 

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