‘Deadpool’ Star Opens up About the Upcoming Threequel

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‘Deadpool 3,’ the upcoming threequel of the Deadpool saga and the first movie featuring Merc with a Mouth set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is currently in production, and just today, we got the first look at Ryan Reynolds as the titular character on the movie’s set. We’ve recently learned that the movie will be released six months earlier than expected, so now we’re expecting it to hit theaters next May in less than a year. Hopefully, that will be enough time for the cast and crew to finish the movie at the quality level one such movie deserves.

‘Deadpool 3’ is currently one of the most anticipated MCU movies, and not only due to the fact that the previous two Deadpool movies were equally successful critically and commercially. The upcoming threequel will also bring back Hugh Jackman to the role of Wolverine one more time.

As we know, Hugh Jackman retired from the role after 2017’s ‘Logan,’ concluding his 17-year-long path as the most popular X-Man. However, it’s known that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are BFFs in real life, so it’s not a surprise that Jackman agreed to prolong his record as one of the most prolific actors who ever played a comic book character.

Karan Soni talks about the anticipated ‘Deadpool’ threequel!

Karan Soni, who is known for portraying Dopinder, a taxi driver and Deadpool’s friend in two previous ‘Deadpool’ movies, recently spoke with ComicBook.com about his return in the upcoming threequel. Soni revealed that he had just started his work on the movie. The actor also teased that the movie doesn’t feel much different from the previous two in terms of tone and age rating, which is something ‘Deadpool’ fans will surely be glad to hear.

“I have begun working on that one, so I can say that it is the same as the other two. It’s like hard R. There’s a lot of that stuff. So it does not feel different. The only thing that, for me, is different is that I have not gotten the script this time. The other two, we did get it, it’s a big difference, at least for me, the MCU part of it vs. the Fox/Marvel part of it. They’re so strict. So I’ve only seen glimpses of what I’m in.”

Karan Soni for ComicBook.com


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When Disney acquired Fox in 2019, Deadpool, X-Men, and Fantastic Four rights were brought back to Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios. Even though Feige and his creative team have a ton of new characters to include in the world’s biggest movie franchise, some fans were worried that the fact that MCU is Disney’s franchise might make Deadpool more family-friendly, which, we can all agree would be totally out of character and it would deprive Deadpool of all of his charm.

Thankfully, Kevin Feige promised that ‘Deadpool’ movies would remain rated R under Marvel Studios, and that means ‘Deadpool 3’ will be the first R-rated MCU movie ever. Two previous ‘Deadpool’ movies were both the most successful R-rated movies ever at the time of their release, until DC’s ‘Joker,’ which in 2019 became the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever and the first R-rated movie that joined a billion-dollar club.

‘Deadpool 3’ is very anticipated movie for a number of reasons. And while it’s hard to predict how successful it’s going to be, the return of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman to their most known roles will most likely make Deadpool 3 one of the most popular movies in MCU’s post-Endgame era, or the Multiverse Saga, as it’s officially called.

Apart from Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, ‘Deadpool 3’ will also see the return of Morena Baccarin, Leslie Uggams, Karan Soni, Brianna Hildebrand, Shioli Kutsuna, Stefan Kapičić, and Rob Delaney. Directed by Shawn Levy, the movie is set to be released on May 3, 2024.

Are you looking forward to ‘Deadpool 3’? Are you concerned that Disney’s family-friendly policy might affect the movie in a bad way? Let us know in the comments.

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