Did James Gunn Find His Booster Gold? Antony Starr Adressess Rumors

Starr as Booster Gold

Antony Starr is famous primarily for his roles in television series, notably for portraying the character of Homelander in the popular superhero show “The Boys.’ In the show, Starr plays a psychopathic “superhero” Homelander, and honestly, it’s hard imagining him as anything else these days.

So, how is Starr currently connected to the DCU? He isn’t. But fans did notice a while ago that the actor and the director follow each other on social media.

This spawned plenty of theories, and considering that the ‘Booster Gold’ TV show was discussed a lot in the last few weeks, fans connected the dots and assumed that Starr would play the titular character, mostly due to his physical similarities to the comic character and apparently, his friendship with James Gunn.

In his recent interview with ComicBook, Starr addressed the rumors and shot it down pretty quickly.

Me and James just play golf. […]I cannot wait to see what he does with the DC Universe. I think he’s a phenomenal director, producer, talent. He’s one of the biggest brands in the industry, so I’m excited to see what he cooks up.

Recently, James Gunn revealed that the show is being actively worked on but it’s not going to go into production anytime soon. Some rumors resurfaced a while ago that apparently showrunner has been chosen and Booster Gold has been cast. There are plenty of people in the running for the role, as far as fans are concerned but as always, it’s mostly fan theories with no real confirmation behind it. Starr for one seemingly debunked the role. Chris Pratt was also mentioned in the context of the role, mostly due to his statements that he’s going to appear both in MCU and DCU.

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