Director of ‘Suicide Squad ISEKAI’ Interested in Creating the Flash Project

Director of Suicide Squad Isekai Interested in Creating the Flash Project

A few weeks ago, DC released the announcement video of ‘Suicide Squad ISEKAI‘ on their official YouTube page, an upcoming anime television series based on the famous DC Comics team of supervillains, Suicide Squad. Of course, many fans of the genre are excited about the project, which will see Warner Bros. Japan, Production I.G and Wit Studio collaboration in action. This isn’t the first time DC ventured into Japanese animation, with ‘Deadshot’ and ‘Working Through the Pain’ being among many successful projects, and it seems that the animators behind ‘Attack on Titan,’ ‘Spy x Family’ and ‘Vinland Saga’ will take on the notable DC supervillains.

This, for many unconventional, collaboration will try to attract both anime and comic book fans, and the recent Anime Expo revealed some details of the project. However, besides the upcoming ‘Suicide Squad ISEKAI’ anime, the series director, Eri Osada, revealed more details about some other DC characters in an interview for Anime News Network, and the Flash was in the focus.

The director of ‘Suicide Squad ISEKAI’ loves the Flash

DC surprised many fans with the announcement video for ‘Suicide Squad ISEKAI,’ and the recent Anime Expo revealed more details about the project’s development and its premise. Executive producers of Warner Bros. Japan and Wit Studio, Hiroyuki Omori, and Sho Ohtani, respectively, gave an interview to Anime News Network, citing the “birth of the project” happening four years ago.

Hiroyuki Omori recalled that four years ago, Warner Bros. Japan looked for an anime studio to develop the series starring popular DC characters and set on the Wit Studio that had success with other popular anime ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ and the first three seasons of ‘Attack on Titan.’ Besides Wit Studio, Production I.G animation studio that famously worked on ‘PSYCHO-PASS’ anime will lend their animation skills, notably Amano Akira.

The president of the Wit Studio, George Wada, revealed that they found the members of Suicide Squad fitting the ‘isekai’ genre really well since it features characters being transported from the ‘real world’ to a totally ‘different one.’

The uniqueness of the characters, especially Harley Quinn and the Joker, is what led the producers to set on the project, and the hope of DC Comics fans seeing the potential of the original project and the perspective of their favorite characters in the different genres.

After revealing that Harley Quinn and the Joker will most likely “willingly” enter a different world and probably won’t feature a character death for that to occur, the director of the ‘Suicide Squad ISEKAI’ was asked about what attracted her to this DC project, and she stated that she absolutely loves the Flash, the speedster from DC Comics.


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Osada also stated that if she agreed to work on this project, she might be able to direct another DC anime project that will star the Flash. This funny answer was followed up by another question: “You like Suicide Squad as well, too, right?”

The director laughed off the answer and playfully answered yes; she also loved the supervillain team. Now, if we look into DC Animated Universe, the famous trifecta Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are probably the most featured characters in any DC Universe, both live-action and animated, while the Flash is more of a supporting and featured character in the series and movies.

Of course, we got the Arrowverse and DCEU versions of the character, but besides the Flashpoint movie in DCAU, we barely saw Barry Allen or Wally West being featured as the main characters in the animated universe.

DC is mostly spot on in their animated projects, constantly being hailed as the best parts of the DC Universe, and knowing that the speedster might have his own anime project is really exciting.

Until then, we will settle for another Suicide Squad project that looks really promising.

‘Suicide Squad ISEKAI’ is directed by Eri Osada and written by Tappei Nagatsuki and Eiji Umehara. The anime is developed by Warner Bros. Japan and Wit Studio, and the release date is still unknown.

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