Disney buys Fox Studios for 52.4 Billion Dollars. Wow!

Disney Buys Fox Studios

Disney buys Fox Studios for 52.4 Billion Dollars. Now What?

After months of speculation, Disney and Fox Studios have come to an agreement and given us exactly what we’ve been begging for over the last few years. The X-Men, Fantastic Four, and all of their subsidiaries are back home with Marvel. This news might even rival the recently released Avengers: Infinity War trailer.

What am I saying?!? Of course, it does.

The big question then becomes, what do they do with their newfound characters? That is, how will they integrate them into an already developed, fleshed-out, and immersive world? Is there a place inside Marvel for Deadpool? Wolverine? Doctor Doom?

Deadpool Rated R?

First and foremost, what will they do with Deadpool? Deadpool works because it’s different than everything else that’s out there. He’s brash, crude, and extremely profane…and we love it. With the House of Mouse at the helm, what will happen to him? Will he be forced into mediocrity or will they embrace everything that has worked thus far and run with it?

I understand that the Disney brand speaks family friendly and this does not coincide with the Deadpool character, however, like the old adage says, “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”, and Deadpool isn’t broken. Although, I will go on record stating that as of this article, the second movie has not released, so the formula that worked the first time, may not work this time.

And if it doesn’t work…

Will Disney simply say, “See, we told you so” and turn him PG-13 like the rest of their films?

And if they do, will the fans accept it? Will they start to acknowledge that maybe Disney knows a thing or two about taking franchises and running with them? I look no further than Star Wars

X-Men, ready for a major change?

I grew up idolizing the X-Men, therefore I can proudly call myself one of those fans who has nothing but questions about the future of the franchise.

First of all, will the actors who play the characters remain the same or will they do what Fox Studios did and recast them for younger actors?

  • Halle Berry – Gone
  • Hugh Jackman – Gone
  • Sir Patrick Stewart – Gone
  • James Marsden – Gone
  • James McAvoy – In
  • Sophie Turner – In
  • Jennifer Lawrence – In
  • Nicholas Holt – In

Can Disney keep them? Can they move them in and make them a part of their continuity? Will the franchise continue the momentum that it has experienced over the last few years? Will they put it to rest and let a few years pass before they bring them in?

More importantly, because the X-Men have one of the richest backstories, will Disney keep them separate from their world so as to focus on the things that make the X-Men, the X-Men?

  • House of M
  • Age of Apocalypse
  • Mutant Massacre
  • Fatal Attractions
  • Messiah Complex
  • E Is For Extinction
  • Unstoppable

Just give Thing a chance!

Thus far, the Fantastic Four has been garbage. From one fan to another, something has to change…now.

The problem I ask you is, is it too late? Have Fox Studios ruined it? Can the Fantastic Four be saved? Will the world give the Fantastic Four that chance that we all know they deserve? And if we do, will Disney be able to give us the movie that we clamor for?

I say, yes. Yes, they can.

Look, I know that this group is the one sticking point in the realm of comic book movies. There has been so much negative feedback and press regarding this group and their movies, that in some circles, the mere mention of a Fantastic Four movie has people cursing up and down. However, if anyone can fix this mess, it’s Disney.

Hear me out.

Disney has been down this road before. The late 1990’s and early 2000’s were littered with bad Disney movies, yet, here they stand, stronger and more powerful than ever. If Disney does one thing and one thing well, it shows patience. They understand that nothing worthwhile happens quickly.

Before they can begin, they must do what they did with Spider-Man and not tell the origin story one more time. We’re tired of it. We know it and can recite it better than our own addresses. Sure, Batman continues to tell its story and it kind of works, but this isn’t Batman.

Disney needs to jump into one of the most beloved stories they can and get the franchise off on the right foot. With their cosmic world already established, I suggest sending them into the cosmos to deal with the longstanding Fantastic Four threat, Annihilus.

But, hey, that’s just me.

Or better yet…Galactus as a Giant, Purple man and not a Cloud of Dust.

Is bigger always better?

Either way, Disney now has the keys to the Cadillac. They have the literal, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make their MCU even bigger than it already is. While the world awaits to see it either succeed or backfire, I’ll be watching the world.



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