Disney Lost Eye-Watering Amount of Money on ‘The Marvels’ as True Numbers Are Revealed


2023 wasn’t that great for Disney. It was the first year in recent times that the franchise did not have a billion-dollar movie, and it was marked by the failure of most Marvel Studio projects.

‘The Marvels’ was released in November 2023, and while it was expected that it wouldn’t surpass or come close to the original box office success of ‘Captain Marvel,’ no one could anticipate that it would lose a staggering amount of money.

‘The Marvels’ is currently the lowest-grossing MCU movie so far, and it’s also the first MCU movie not to cross the $100 million threshold at the domestic box office. Recent report made by Deadline revealed just how much money the studio lost on the latest Captain Marvel movie.

Here’s the summary:

  • Box Office: The film earned $84.5 million domestically and $121.6 million internationally, totaling $206.1 million worldwide.
  • Revenues: The movie generated $88.0 million from theatrical releases, $40.0 million from home entertainment, and $90.0 million from television and streaming, amounting to total revenues of $218.0 million.
  • Expenses: The production costs were $270.0 million, prints and ads amounted to $110.0 million, residuals and other distribution expenses were $21.0 million, interest and overhead were $54.0 million, and participations are not specified. Total expenses amount to $455.0 million.
  • When you combine revenue and expenses, the studio lost $237 million dollars on the release.

The most often cited reason for ‘The Marvels’ failing so spectacularly was sexism, but once again, the numbers paint a different picture. ‘The Marvels’ had a predominantly male audience, with 65% being male and 45% of them over 25 years old. Women over 25 make up 22%, and the movie received the highest grades from them at 82%. The age group of 25-34 is the largest demographic at 33%. In terms of diversity, the audience consists of 36% Caucasians, 27% Latinos and Hispanics, 17% Black, and 14% Asian, according to the numbers provided by Deadline. It might be a good idea for Brie Larson to refrain from insulting her main audience in the future, however as her preferred audience clearly isn’t interested in her movies.

The most recent rumors point in the direction of ‘Captain Marvel 3’ and ‘Ant-Man 4’ being canceled altogether as the studio wants to focus on “sure hits,” instead of gambling with projects that will potentially lose them millions. The failure of ‘The Marvels’ also reportedly led to the cancellation of Monica Rambeau’s solo project.

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