Do Peter Parker and Mary Jane Get Married in ‘Spider-Man 3’?


In the original ‘Spider-Man‘ trilogy, our beloved web-slinger has one more thing on his mind besides fighting some of the most notorious villains: how to win the heart of his childhood crush, Mary Jane Watson. And even though they fall in love, their relationship goes through ups and downs. But do Peter Parker and Mary Jane get married in ‘Spider-Man 3?’

Peter planned to propose to Mary Jane, but he never did, and they did not get married in ‘Spider-Man 3.’ Throughout the movie, their relationship gradually deteriorates, but they eventually resolve their differences. The movie ends with them hugging, and what that means for them is left unclear. However, in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ we learn that they continued being together after the events in ‘Spider-Man 3.’

It is fair to say that Peter lost himself throughout the movie and estranged himself from the people he loved the most. Eventually, he came to his senses, realized what mattered to him most, and remembered all the values his uncle and aunt bestowed upon him. But let’s see in more detail what happened between Peter and MJ.

Peter planned to propose to Mary Jane, but the burden of being Spider-Man stood in their way

When we met Peter and Mary Jane in the original Spider-Man trilogy, it was clear that MJ is Spider-Man’s true love. In that universe, at least. Peter has been in love with MJ since he was a kid, and gradually she started to feel the same way about him. Their relationship strengthens throughout the franchise, and Pete is ready to ask MJ to Marry him.

And that’s where we find them in ‘Spider-Man 3.’ They seem happy. First, MJ is performing on Broadway, and Pete is balancing his dual life to be there for her at important moments. However, it is more apparent than before that superhero life started to change Peter’s character a bit, and he seems to enjoy all the fame and likes to talk about himself more than he used to.

Nevertheless, he loves MJ and informs Aunt May that he will propose to MJ. Aunt May is happy to hear that, and she gladly gives Peter her ring in hopes that Mary Jane will wear it one day. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, and life’s circumstances gradually started to take MJ and Pete away from each other, even though Spider-Man was not aware of that.


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MJ was going through a tough time; she had career problems and needed someone to understand her feelings. Peter listened to her but wasn’t able to really understand, not that he did not want to, but it seemed like he prioritized being Spider-Man more. Eventually, MJ lost her job and was forced to start working as a singer/waitress, but Peter was too occupied enjoying Spider-Man’s spotlight and had no idea what was happening to her.

After saving Gwen Stacy, the police captain’s daughter, Spider-Man was greeted as a hero and presented with the city’s keys. He even kissed Gwen in front of everyone, all while MJ’s life was falling apart. Later, Peter makes a reservation in a nice restaurant, intending to propose to MJ, but the conversation leading to his proposal does not go well, so he never gets the chance to propose. And even if he did, their relationship wasn’t ready to proceed to that level.

‘Spider-Man 3’ showed us a slightly darker version of our beloved web-slinger

Later, Peter tried calling MJ and talking with her, but she didn’t pick up the phone as she was unsure what to do and where everything was heading. Later, Peter learns that the person who killed his uncle escaped prison, and all he thought about was revenge. MJ and everyone close to him was worried that he might do something he’ll regret later, but Peter did not care to listen and pushed everyone away.

Things became even more complicated when the Venom symbiote attached himself to Spider-Man, making Peter’s mental state even worse, even though he did not realize that momentarily. MJ turned herself to Harry for comfort, and for a moment there, it seemed like something might happen between them, but everything changed when Harry’s memory was back, and he was once again seeking revenge on Peter.

Harry used MJ and forced her to break up with Peter. She had to say that she fell in love with someone else so that Harry could later reveal to Peter that he was that other guy. Harry followed his father’s advice – he went after Peter’s heart.


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Spider-Man became more and more aggressive and influenced by the symbiote, and while he felt courage and confidence on one side, on the other, he hurt the people close to him. Peter used Gwen Stacy to make MJ jealous, which only resulted in both of them being disappointed in him.

Eventually, Peter got rid of the symbiote and became aware of all the wrong things, including the fact that he hurt MJ. He returned the ring to Aunt May, but she assured Peter that when the time was right, he and Mary Jane would find a way to put everything back in place.

How does ‘Spider-Man 3’ end?

Toward the movie’s end, Eddie Brock kidnaps MJ to hurt Peter, and Sandman helps him. Spider-Man saves MJ, and Harry sacrifices his life in the process. After some time, Mary Jane sings in a local cafe, and Peter emerges out of the blue. They look at each other and conclude everything with a long hug. The ending was bitter-sweet because it did not precisely answer what happened afterward. Luckily, in Spider-Man: No Way Home’ we learn that the pair forgave each other and remained together.

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